Bathing your toddler
Bathing your toddler

Most toddlers love bath time each day because once the washing has been done, they can have wonderful time playing with the water. Stock up on plastic cups and bottles, funnels, along with boats and squirters, and your great challenge at bath time with be convincing your toddler to get out of the bath!

Having a bath at the end of a day of play and exploration, is the best way to encourage your busy toddler to unwind, relax and prepare for bedtime.

Some toddlers become afraid of the bath. If this happens, take your toddler’s fears seriously, as they are very real to her. To help overcome a fear of the bath you can try:

  • taking a bath with your toddler
  • letting her sit in the bath without water in it
  • getting her to leave the bathroom before you take the plug out, as some toddlers are afraid of getting sucked down the plug hole
  • having a shower with her
  • letting her sit in the baby bath in the big tub (if she still fits)


This article was written by Ella Walsh for Kidspot. Sources include Raising Children Network

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