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Tips for pram walking groups

Tips for pram walking groups

Step 1:

Decide who is going to organise the pram-walking group

It could be:

  • Interested people from an existing new parent, playgroup, or local kindergarten.
  • Staff from local community centre, for example the local Maternal and Child Health Nurse; Community Health worker, neighbourhood centre coordinator, playgroup coordinator, etc. interested people from an existing community group, or
  • A group of local friends or neighbours.

Step 2:

Promote the Pram Walking Group

  • Select a starting date that allows you two or three weeks to recruit participants.
  • Plan to walk at a time that suits most walkers, remembering that some mothers may also have children at school or preschool.
  • Consider the time of year as summer is very hot and humid - morning walks seem to be preferred for pram walking.
  • You can promote the group by posting a message in the Kidspot Forum, placing a flyer on the notice board at your Plunket rooms, library, or shopping centre
  • Recruiting women who attend new mothers' groups or playgroups
  • Placing a free ad in the local newspaper (community notice board section)
  • Engaging the help of your Plunket Nurse

Step 3:

Map out a Walking Path for the Group

  • When choosing the walk consider the width and condition of the path, and whether it allows two or more mothers with prams to walk beside each other; any road crossings on the route (keep these to a minimum if possible) a starting point that is accessible for car parking and strollers;
  • Shade or shelter, and a seat for feeding, preferably at the starting and/or end points - (perhaps even a place to have a coffee at the end of the walk)
  • Does the walk feel safe and how isolated it is?
  • Whether the route is pleasant to walk - waterside walks are particularly appealing as are streets with gardens or a park to walk through;
  • Accessibility by public transport;
  • Are there clean, convenient toilets available?
  • Test the walk with a friend before the group begins to make sure the path is in good condition and pram-friendly. Walks that form a circuit in a park or around a lake, allow you to stop if you need to - while others continue without fear of being left behind. 
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