When to throw a baby shower
By Ella Walsh |
When to throw a baby shower

Baby showers can be held at any time during a pregnancy, although they are most commonly held early in the third trimester – somewhere around the 32 week mark.


Best time for the mum-to-be

Planning a baby shower for early in the third trimester allows mum-to-be to be able to really enjoy her special day and look nicely pregnant at the same time. It is all about her, after all – and the later in the pregnancy the baby shower is held, the greater the chances that she’ll be feeling physically uncomfortable and less able to participate fully in any baby shower games or activities.


Availability of friends and family

It’s not just the expectant mum you need to consider when planning a baby shower. There may be important friends and relatives who need to travel some distance to be there, who are elderly or whose work schedules aren’t able to accommodate the preferred party time.

Prior to setting a date for the baby shower, determine your guest list and mark them in order of importance. Then get in touch with each of these VIPs and run your dates past them first.

While it is common for some guests not to be able to make it on the day of the celebration, for important guests like parents, siblings and best friends, it might mean having to compromise on the timing by a week or more to accommodate their requirements.



For some new mums, hosting a baby shower prior to the birth of their baby just may not be possible. While not traditional, post-birth baby showers are becoming increasingly popular. Combining a baby shower with a “meet the baby” party offers guests – and parents – quite a few advantages. Guests get to actually meet the baby in question and knowing the name and sex of the baby could make it easier to choose a gift. From the parents’ perspective, they may not know what they need, therefore what to ask for, prior to the baby’s arrival. It also means parents can introduce their little bundle of joy to everyone at the one time, rather than receiving a steady flow of visitors over time.


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