When should you be talking to your kids about ‘that’ time of month?
By Chloe Maxwell |

It sounded like murder

The other day I heard a terrible scream coming from the other end of the house. It was my son Max. He was shrieking and carrying on like he was being murdered. I ran toward the cacophony of noise only to find my eight year old boy naked with a sanitary pad stuck to his genitals. All he could say through tears of pain was “Phoenix”. “PHOENIX!” I screamed, but my daughter had legged it to a safe place so as to avoid my wrath. “Whats that up there?” I said pointing at the roof. As Max turned his head curiously to look up I wrenched the pad off his little penis. He howled like a dog in pain, wincing as he grabbed a hold of himself to make sure he was still intact. Relief he was …

Sticky cushions

I finally got it out of my six year old daughter Phoenix that she had discovered these sticky cushions through my 14 year-old step daughter Skyla, who had obviously only half explained their use to her. She had then decided that Max needed to put one on.

I had not really expected to have this talk with my daughter at age six, however, she is incredibly astute for a little girl and I decided I would give it my best.

Explaining all about menstruation to a six year old

I explained to her that when you become a woman blood will sometimes come out of your ‘Gitzy’ (her word for it).

“But why?” she asked.

I explained that when that happens it means you can have a baby.

“Is Skyla going to have a baby then?”

“Goodness me! I hope not for many, many years. But her body is able to  have one, that’s what that blood means. It only happens to girls though not boys so Max doesn’t need one of these.”

I took a deep breath, waiting for more questions, but that seemed to be enough for her to process so we disposed of the evidence and went on with our day.


There are hundreds of articles online that are designed to help parents have this discussion. All of them suggest different approaches for different ages. If your daughter is a teenager there are some great resources you can give her such as setting up a period calculator that will give her reminders (see here); questions and answers and tips on when to have the talk with your teen can be found here.

Feminine hygiene companies now do specific packs for first time periods and their advertising is brilliant – just check this out:



Sometimes humour really is the best way.

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