Book review - Rooms To Love
Rooms to Love

Book Review: Rooms to Love - style inspiration for every home. Words by Leeann Yare, Photography by Larnie Nicolson. RRP $65. Published by Penguin.


In a beautiful moment of the stars aligning, 'Rooms to Love' arrived for review just as we are planning an extension and redecoration of our kitchen/dining/living room. 

We had blissfully set off down this path thinking we were a better version (if not older) of Jo and Damo from 'The Block'. Hmmm - not so much! It turns out we had no idea what 'style' we were after. "We need a mood board" my 'veteran of reality house renovation shows' husband declared. 

Thinking, again erroneously, that this would a cinch, off I set with my scissors and sticky tape only to discover that I was mixing my styles. My mood board looked like a cacophony of emotions.

But then 'Rooms to Love' came to my rescue. Each part of the house is covered (including the outdoor entertaining area) and a variety of themes offered. Basically, if you were doing your whole house you could say - "well I'll have the 'Perfectly Pared' entrance, the 'Paint by Numbers' children's bedroom and for the master, I think we'll run with the 'All grown up'". 

'Rooms to Love' is effectively a collection of mood boards - all with funky names.

Packed with lovely photos, 'Rooms to Love' is a handy tool if you are decorating, or a beautiful coffee table book that is fun to dip in and out of, and dream a little. It is also reassurringly unfussy - LeeAnn Yare is an advocate of loving what you have in your home but that it should also be functional. She gives you permission to throw away the rules - but gives you advice on how to pull all your bits together in to a beautiful room.

t turns out I prefer the 'Prim and Proper' kitchen style and this will run nicely with the 'Contemporary Move' living/dining. And, I suspect Jo and Damo may have found some inspiration in this book too as some of the decor looks, well, familiar!

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