Week Eight
Week Eight

Loving your face

By Week Eight, you'll discover that you have a fan! If you pay attention, you'll find that your baby's eyes will follow you wherever you go. In fact, her best 'toy' is your face and so the more face-to-face time you spend with her, the faster she'll learn how to interact with the world around her.

At this age, she'll watch your face closely when you talk to her and then make little facial expressions herself in return. To encourage her efforts at communication, be expressive when you talk to her, be an appreciative audience and reward her efforts with applause and praise.

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At eight weeks, the first of your baby's immunisation shots are due to be given. These vaccinations are just the beginning of a long schedule of injections which, when the full number have been administered will protect your child from a range of potentially life-threatening but common diseases such as Hepatitis B, tetanus and whooping cough.

If you're considering not immunising your child, ensure that you thoroughly discuss the issue with your GP or medical practitioner as this decision can potentially have a wide-ranging impact on yours and your child's future - from where and when can you send him to pre-school or school, government payments such as family and childcare benefits, along with the obvious health risks.

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Preparing for immunisation

These days all vaccines are given via injection - the oral polio vaccine has been phased out - and so it's fairly safe to assume that there will be a few tears spilled in your GP's office during your visit - whether they're your tears or hers, remains to be seen.

Most GPs will recommend that you administer a dose of paracetamol before your appointment to help with your baby's discomfort, but for most babies the tears last just as long as the injection; by the time the Baby Bear band-aids are in place, they're recovering. Some babies will, however, become a little fussy or unsettled for the 24 hours after vaccination, so be prepared to take things slowly in the day following your appointment.



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