Easter feasting ideas for indoors and out
Easter - it's a time of celebration, family and food, arguably rivalling Christmas for the most legitimate excuse for a passionate pig-out. Whether you're putting on a feast for the family at home or out in the elements camping or picnicking, we've got your meals covered.
Easter feasts

Take the ‘s’ out of Easter, and you have eater! Coincidence? We think not. What better time of year to put on a feast and stuff yourself silly? Wherever you are and whatever you have planned, we have you covered!



A big, bountiful brunch is the perfect introduction to a day of indulgent eating … if you only have two meals you can eat more at each sitting, amiright?

1. Glazed hot cross buns

Easter wouldn’t be Easter without them and once you’ve gone homemade, you’ll never go back!

2. Celebration bread ring

Easter is undoubtedly a celebration and this Celebration bread ring has maximum wow factor. And taste factor!

3. Almond and chocolate Easter bread

If you didn’t know that Easter had its own special bread, come and join me in the corner as we hang our heads in shame. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll be even more miffed that it hasn’t been an annual Easter inclusion since birth (but it’s never too late to start!).

4. Pancakes with strawberry mascarpone

Pancakes are those wonderful things that we just never feel we have time to make. Well hey, you’ve got a four-day weekend, people! So get to it and whip up some strawberry mascarpone while you’re at it. You won’t be sorry!

5. Bacon and corn fritters

If you’ve got chocolate oozing out of your pores and are desperate for something savoury, these divine bacon and corn fritters will hit the spot nicely.

6. Roast vegetable frittata

Protein packed and full of veggies, this is one of those dishes that is super healthy but still feels special and indulgent.



Get your Easter feast off to the perfect start with these mouth-watering entrees sure to please all palates.

7. Bacon stuffed avocadoes

All the health of avocados with all the universal appeal of bacon and you’ll have one very popular dish.

8. Oven-baked garlic prawns

Garlic prawns were always my go-to entree of choice growing up, and after trying these delicious oven-baked ones, I’m sure you’ll agree that I had impeccable culinary taste well beyond my years.

9. Chicken and mango salad

When you want the perfect light and fresh start, you can’t go past this classic flavour combination.

10. Roasted vegetable stack

A totes impressive looking vegetarian option.

11. Roasted baby tomato and olive ricotta tarts

If you can't get a bit tarty at Easter, when can you? Bit if you're going to get your tart on, make it classy, like these ones!



If you’re looking for a main meal that says ‘special occasion celebration extravaganza’, then look no further!

12. Slow cooker Greek lamb

A roast lamb is the perfect celebration food, and doing it via the slow cooker means you can bung everything in early and actually enjoy the celebrations!

13. Whole spiced fish

There’ll be oohs and aahs as you present this delicious whole spiced fish to the table, but it’s actually a lot less scary to make (and serve!) than you’d think!

14. Glazed baked ham

A beautifully presented glazed ham turns any dinner into a feast – and they’re so easy to prepare. Don’t just leave them til Christmas!

15. Roast pork with baked apples, potatoes and garlic

This roast pork comes with all the delicious trimmings and will have your family and friends swarming around the dinner table faster than you can say ‘chocolate rabbit who?’

16. Family fish pie

If you think your kids might freak at the sight of a whole fish, this delicious Family fish pie is a great alternative way to serve up a special fish lunch or dinner.

See here for the Family fish pie recipe.



What better way to enjoy Easter than sitting on a blanket enjoying the great outdoors? Make yours special with these perfectly portable pieces.

17. Mini frittatas

No need to be cursing that you’ve forgotten to pack a knife with these perfectly portioned frittatas.

18. Picnic cobb loaf

Bright and colourful, fancy-looking and cleverly portable, no picnic should be complete without one!

19. Roast pumpkin and quinoa salad

It looks good, it tastes good, it oozes health, it’s just so very now. And it’s perfect for a picnic!

20. Honey soy chicken

Just make sure you’re within arms reach when the lid comes off these babies, because they’ll get snaffled up in an instant.

21. Balsamic roast vegetable salad

Who said you can’t serve up roast vegetables in a park? They may not be hot, but they’re every bit as tasty.

Tent or caravan


When your cooking appliances are limited to a campfire, barbecue or basic hot plate or two, that doesn’t mean you can’t serve up something super special for your Easter feast.

22. Campfire pizza

OK, we know pizza is not the most traditional Easter fare, but this campfire version is so divine and so much fun to make that it’s well worth making the exception. And somehow we don’t think the kids will be complaining …

23. Slow cooker lamb shanks with tomatoes

If you can find space in your car, it’s really worth taking your slow cooker with you on holidays, as just one power point can give you the most gourmet meals imaginable, like this beauty.

24. Sticky ‘n’ sweet pork ribs

These divinely moreish ribs are just made for an outdoor Barbie – preferably with a nearby lake for washing sticky hands and faces.

25. Mini salmon and prawn kebabs with capsicum cream dressing

These are real special occasion kebabs that are so yummy you’ll be looking for any excuse to have a special occasion.

26. Chicken satay skewers

Delicious on the barbecue and a favourite with the kids, these are a cinch to prepare.

This article was written by Zoe Meunier for Kidspot.com.au and has been adapted for Kidspot.co.nz

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