Top tips for kids to protect their eyes
We only get one set of eyes so it is really important to look after them. Specsavers are proud to bring you these tips for kids to help keep their eyes safe and healthy.
  • Never poke things into your eyes, not even fingers
  • Never play with strong chemicals, like washing-up liquid, washing powder or bleach. Getting these in your eyes can be very dangerous
  • Never throw sand or dirt in anyone’s face
  • Never look straight at the sun – not even through dark glasses. The bright light from the sun can burn your retina
  • If an optometrist suggests you need to wear glasses – wear them!
  • Always wear sunglasses in bright sunshine. Make sure an adult checks that the sunglasses block out the sun’s harmful rays by asking an optometrist about polarised lenses
  • Always wear safety glasses when you handle harmful substances


This article was written for Kidspot by Specsavers

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