16 really useful things kids can make with LEGO
There's no doubt that LEGO is hours of fun for kids ... and a nuisance for mums to pick up. Never fear! Maxabella has come up with a list of practical items that kids can make from LEGO - everything from a belt to a phone stand!
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We love our LEGO, don’t we?

I mean, the kids love their LEGO … and we just get to pick it up for them (incidentally, if you are spending too much time picking up LEGO, you need to check out our no-sew LEGO bag … go on, we’ll wait). So, here’s the thing, we all know that LEGO is an educational way for kids to play. It exercises their fine-motor skills along with their imaginations – or at least it used to before all LEGO kits came with instructions.

No matter, it’s time to ditch those instructions and move on to better things. I’ve found 16 super-coolpractical things for kids to make with their LEGO bricks. The great thing about these designs is that they are bound to inspire the kids to do things like use their toothbrush, keep their pants up and get Mum a drink for the coaster. One can dream, anyway.

Introduce them to these ideas and see what they come back with!

16 really useful things kids can make with LEGO

1. LEGO phone holder

Give your phone a rest while it’s recharging in a LEGO phone holder. Also handy for propping up your phone when you’re cooking from an online recipe. Get the kids to rustle up as many stands as you need.

2. LEGO necklace

LEGO necklace - The Long Thread

This necklace by The Long Thred is rather special and surely not too difficult for even the youngest child? You can stick with the simple version or ask for a more complex build depending on the outfit you plan to wear with it. Click here for the full tutorial.

3. LEGO belt

LEGO belt - Deliah Creates

Generally kids hate wearing belts, but with a LEGO belt keeping their pants up they’ll have their belt on every day! This belt from Deliah Creates is super easy to make and has a flat piece where the buckles sits so your child could attach their favourite LEGO mini-figure each day. Full instructions are at Deliah Creates.

4. LEGO bird house

LEGO bird house

The birds will thank your child for their new home and you’ll thank the birds for taking at least 100 pieces of LEGO out of your house. There are all kinds of ways for your child to construct their LEGO bird house, but the image above is the way Angus, aged six, chose to go about it. The image and more bird house projects are from LEGO Quest.

5. LEGO key holder

This is just a little bit too clever – use the amazing sticking power of LEGO to keep your keys neat and organised. You simply attach a piece of LEGO to your key ring (there are plenty of LEGO pieces with a hole) and stick the keys to the backing plate when you get home.

6. LEGO sentence builder

LEGO sentence building - There is just one mommy

Why build a pretend world when you can build a real sentence using this cool idea from There’s Just One Mommy? It’s a simple and effective way to teach kids early literacy.

Another variation would be to make vowels one colour, constants another colour, verbs another, prepositions another … you get the idea. You can even make this concept into a word puzzle for older kids. An entire story ready to build if only they can find the correct combinations …

7. LEGO marble run

My kids spent hours configuring and reconfiguring their marble run after we found this idea on Frugal Fun for Boys. It’s quite a challenge to put together a maze that works, and watching the marble fall through your run is very satisfying. Watch the video to see how it works, or head on over to Frugal Fun for Boys for further instructions.

8. LEGO marble maze

LEGO - marble maze

If a vertical run seems a bit ambitious, you can always start with a simple maze like that made over at Create-Celebrate-Explore. A simple idea that even younger kids can put together.

9. LEGO vase

LEGO vase - Pretty Prudent

You can design a sweet vase to match your décor and get the kids to construct it in no time at all. The one above is from Pretty Prudent. A word of warning – LEGO is generally not watertight, no matter how hard those pieces are to prise apart! Inside this vase is a tall glass holding the water and the flowers …

10. LEGO pencil holder

LEGO pencil holder - Kids' Activities Blog

I’m pretty sure the kids will be delighted to put together a new pencil holder for the desk area. This one is from Kids’ Activities Blog. You can make it with a pattern in mind, or just wonderfully higgeldy-piggeldy like this one here. It’s up to your child what they want their design to look like.

11. LEGO aquarium

Forget the fake plants, the sunken treasure and even the fish (although you could add those too if you like). This fabulous aquarium is made entirely from LEGO. Who knew the kids could build their own pets?

12. LEGO welcome sign

LEGO welcome sign - Adam Builds

Adam Builds is one seriously cool site for LEGO lovers – take the kids over there for inspiration! This welcome sign (or a version of their own) is something I am sure they will enjoy tackling. You can display it next to the front door to say hi to your guests and let the world know that very creative kids live here!

13. LEGO coasters

LEGO coasters - Adam Builds

Another one from Adam Builds –- you can see how inspiring this guy is. There’s even a rack for the coasters that I think is more than manageable for the kidlets. The pattern and colour design in these coasters is gorgeous.

14. LEGO shaver stand

LEGO razor stand - Adam Builds

Last one from Adam Builds (really, I should have just made this whole post about Adam’s ideas). This time he’s created a stand for Dad’s razor. Any kid would love to make Dad a razor stand, surely? Let them have a go!

15. LEGO lamp

LEGO lamp

This sweet little lamp is the work of a Czech blogger called Kifli es Llevendula (Croissants and Lavender). The instructions on how to make it are therefore in Czech, but the pictures are really self-explanatory and I think it’s much too clever an idea to miss out on a spot in our collection … There’s a handy Google Translator button on the sidebar.

16. LEGO toothbrush holder

I’ll leave you with this ingenious toothbrush holder. It’s got all the mod cons and I reckon it might be just the ticket to get your little one happily brushing their teeth each night. Something has to help, right?

This article was written by Maxabella for Kidspot.com.au and has been adapted for Kidspot.co.nz

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