A game-changer for nappy changes
Nappy changing

Just when you thought you had this whole nappy-changing thing down, your toddler discovers that they have these great things called legs that will take them anywhere!

Now there’s no time for them to stop and lie down for a nappy change – they have far too much to do! And if that wasn’t enough of a challenge, they’ve probably also just learnt the word “no” and are enjoying the independence it gives them. Here are a few tips to help you through this phase:

  • Turn it into a game! This is the parent’s go-to strategy for getting toddlers to do anything. See how high you have to count before you are all finished, or if they can sing a nursery rhyme before you finish changing their nappy.
  • Find an interesting object. Get  your toddler to hold it with their eyes closed and try to guess what it is while they step into their nappies.
  • Talk to your baby in a playful voice whilst changing his nappy – this will help him to focus on your voice rather than what’s happening to his bottom!
  • If they are busy with an activity give them a simple choice so they still feel like they have their independence. “Would you like to change your nappy now or when you have finished building that tower?”
  • Get them involved by making it their job to go and get the new nappy from its pack.


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