Make your own wheat bag
Whether you're trying to keep warm or soothing sore muscles, this simple wheat bag will prove invaluable. We've even got a tip to increase the soothing sensation.
Sew a wheat bag

These simple and easy-to-make wheat bags will help soothe aching joints or warm up cold hands and feet. 

What you will need:

  • fabric (something thick like corduroy, cotton or flannelette)
  • fabric scissors
  • sewing machine
  • chopstick
  • wheat (buckwheat is recommended for lower fire risk)
  • dried lavender (optional)
  • sewing needle
  • thread

What to do:

Using your fabric scissors, cut your fabric into two rectangle shapes. It doesn’t matter what size, as long as they are both the same. 


Wheat Bag


Place your two pieces of fabric face to face, with the wrong side of the fabric facing outwards. Sew the two pieces together with a seam allowance of approximately 1cm and leave an opening of about 1-2cm so the wheat can be added in later. Reinforce the opening by doing a back stitch (stitching back and forward a few times) on each side of the opening.

Cut off the corners so that it doesn’t bunch up when you turn it inside out and you get nice points.

wheat bag corners

Turn it right side out. You can use a chopstick or a pencil to push out the corners into points.

wheat bag empty

Fill the bag roughly three-quarters full with wheat. I make a funnel out of thick paper to make it simple, but you could just spoon it straight into the bag if you like.

wheat bag fill

I have added around a cup of dried lavender to this bag as well so that it smells nice when heated. Lavender is said to induce calm and sleep, which can’t be a bad thing!

Hand sew the opening of the wheat bag closed using a slip stitch. If you’re not sure what a slip stitch is, here is a simple video tutorial. It just means you won’t see the stitches after you’ve sewn.

wheat bag close

And you’re done! Now that you know how quick and easy they are, you’ll be making one for each member of the family and for everyone you know as handmade gifts!



  • When you’re ready to use your wheat bag, just pop it in the microwave (along with a cup of water, see note below) for 30-second intervals until you reach the desired temperature. It will depend on the size of your wheat bag and on your microwave settings as to how long it will need to be heated for. I put mine in for 90 seconds, which is perfect for me. Be careful not to overheat the bag or the wheat will burn.
  • Sit a cup of water in the microwave alongside the wheat bag to prevent the wheat from drying out and causing a fire risk.
  • Wheat bags are not recommended as hotties in children's beds as they pose a fire risk. Do not cover with blankets or use to warm up a bed.
  • Do not reheat the bag until it has completely cooled - which may be two hours after initial heating.
  • Always monitor the use of wheat bags around children.
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