Cute fabric pockets for the tooth fairy
Losing baby teeth is a big milestone in a child's life. You can make this cute no-sew tooth fairy pocket as a gift to celebrate, or get them to help you create it.
No Sew tooth fairy pocket

If your child is worried about misplacing their teeth before the tooth fairy can get to them then this no-sew pocket is the perfect idea.

What You’ll Need:

  • coloured felt
  • white felt
  • scissors
  • craft or fabric glue
  • Velcro

What To Do:

Cut a rectangle of felt approximately 8cm wide x 20cm high. Cut the top 3cm into a rounded point to make the flap of your pocket.

Fold the bottom of the felt up to make an 8cm x 8cm square, leaving enough room for the flap to fold down at the top. Run a thin line of glue up each side of the pocket to close the side seams. You could also sew the side seams by hand or make a quick seam with your sewing machine.

Cut a piece of white felt into a tooth shape, and another piece of coloured felt into a heart shape or any other shape you like. Stick the heart to the front of the pocket with a little craft glue and then glue on the tooth shape.

Lastly, add a small piece of Velcro to the top of the flap and the middle of the pocket so it will stay closed and keep the tooth safely inside.


Now you’re ready for the tooth fairy to visit!

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