Six fun games to play with the kids
It's hard to keep up with a child's seemingly neverending energy levels, but with these games, you'll have as much fun as them! (well... almost)
6 fun games

Everyone remembers playing games as a kid and how much fun it was, but who remembers their parents playing with them? It's not hard to see why this is a rare occurence. It requires a lot of patience to expalin the rules over (and over), and then a lot of energy to play over (and over)!

But I’ve recently discovered that playing games with children can actually be fun. You just have to know what to play. Don’t believe me? Try playing one of these games:

Dress ups

We may do it differently now we’re all grown up, but who doesn’t love dressing up? Back when we were kids it was all fairy wings and clown wigs. Dressing up and making believe you’re something you’re not is a fun trip away from the everyday – why not be a beautiful princess without a care in the world instead of a tired mum who lives in sweat pants. 

Guess Who

I don’t know what it is about Guess Who, but I will play it till the cows come home – and long after my kids have moved on to something way less interesting. Is it the mystery solving? The looks on their smug little faces as you slam them down into the board? I’m not sure, I just know I’m hooked. 


You may have to look the other way a few times if your child doesn't know their right from their left (unless you want to make it educational), but Twister is a good bit of silly fun. You can even play it without the kids - we're not championing drinking to have a good time, but a bottle of wine takes it to another level!

Colouring in

Not a game, as such, but I love having full control of my fine motor skills and getting my work all inside the lines for a perfect finish on my Thomas the Tank Engine bridge landscape. Until a kid comes up and ruins... ahem... I mean, improves it with a big scribble that is obviously an aeroplane. Now that adult colouring in is a thing we can each have our own books and enjoy golden silence together for hours... or minutes. I'll take what I can get.

Tiggy, tag, chasings, or whatever it is you call it where you are

I played this with my kids for the first time recently. I think I had lingering anxiety from childhood about being stuck as "it" without being able to catch anyone, but my size and speed mean tag is super easy and I excel at it – and I do let the children catch me sometimes. And it’s not just me; evidence that adults still love tag is out there. We just call it touch rugby or paintball.


Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, just kidding. Monopoly is never fun.

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