The sweetest and funniest pregnancy reveals
Pregnancy reveals

The announcement of a pregnancy is not only a huge deal for the mother and father-to-be but also for the extended family. It means the family is growing, welcoming more beautiful children into the warmth and support of a loving whanau. So announcing that you're pregnant is kind of a big deal. More and more often, expectant parents are taking to social media to find unique ways to announce their news to family and friends – often with funny or super sweet results. Whether you're laughing or crying, there will definitely be tears when you see these pregnancy reveals.


It can be as simple as sharing a nostalgic tune from younger days.

Ice ice baby



Siblings may be eager to help out with sharing the big news.

Big brother



But sometimes they're not so keen on the idea.

Source: Oddee


Even the pets can get in on the act.

Source: The Rouse House


Even if you're not famous, your story can still be worthy of a movie (well, a movie poster at least).

Pregnancy reveal

Source: thechive


A little clarification never goes amiss!



It can sometimes seem like the news is a shock to the parents too!

Source: oddee


Pregnancy reveals are even better when they come about in a totally unexpected way.


Even when you already know there's a baby on the way, things can still be suprising.


And some people are just amazing at keeping a secret.


How did you reveal your pregnancy to your partner, family or friends?


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