Splat! Peppa Pig to the Rescue!
By Kym Moore |
Plasters for hurt children

As soon as your child is up on their feet and taking those first steps, you enter a new world. As much as you might try, you can’t protect your child from the world of scrapes and bumps and grazes. In fact, it’s often a good idea to let them take small risks when learning how to use their bodies. Those risks they take will teach them how to run and climb and jump. What a wonderful thing that is! 

The battle wounds of play do happen and when they do, I try to encourage my daughter to get up and quickly get back to her play. Sometimes a fall is easily ignored. She can pick herself up and dust herself off without a thought. On the odd occasion though, those trips and stumbles lead to tears and blood. That’s when she needs a bit more than a hug.

Of course mummy’s kisses will always have a bit of magic to them. But if there is a lot of blood I find my daughter needs more of a distraction. While I am sure it hurts a lot. I also think that a lot of the tears come out of the initial shock. I remember well the sharp pain and the throbbing sensation of my own childhood cuts. One minute you are dancing or skipping or running about, and the next you are flat on your back or your face. 

Because of the impact of that initial shock, sometimes a distraction is all they need to bounce back to good. That’s where a first aid kit and plasters come in. After the clean-up, the plaster removes the sight of the blood and feels pro-active to the child. It’s a visible sign that we have taken a step to fix the issue. For my daughter it’s also a symbol of past pain. My youngest will often show a plaster off to friends, family or teachers as if to say “look, I was hurt”. 

the power of plasters

While applying a plain plaster can be quick and easy, it doesn’t offer quite the distraction that a character strip does. We were recently given some Peppa Pig ones to try through Kidspot. My daughter loves Peppa Pig so much. She loves jumping in muddy puddles just like Peppa. So when she hurt herself recently, we went straight for the Peppa Pig plasters. She quickly forgot about the pain as she tried to decide which plaster she wanted. 

In a moment she went from sad to happy with her favourite pal on her “hurt”, making it all better. Afterwards she proudly showed Peppa off to anyone who would stop to listen. Peppa made the whole experience less about the injury too which was amazing. Instead, she viewed it as getting a special sticker for being brave.

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