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One of the best snippets of advice I got when becoming a mum was about sleep. "If you get a good night's sleep, everything else is much easier to deal with." But for many, sleep can be harder to find than a pacifier at the bottom of the nappy bag when baby is screaming in the checkout line! So it's no wonder that parents will try anything and everything to help their baby sleep. There are plenty of gadgets and ideas to choose from. Nothing will work for everyone, but maybe, just maybe, one of them will work for your bundle of joy.

The Lulla doll sensation

Recently, a new sleep aid has caused a buying frenzy across the world! Parents are snapping up the Lulla doll as a potential solution for their child's unsettled sleep patterns.The doll is so popular that limited stocks have sold out quickly and auction sites are rife with high-priced listings, tempting parents to part with their money. 

The Lulla doll imitates the closeness of a parent with its soft feel and soothing sounds. It can also absorb the scent of a parent for added comfort and security.

Jasmine Leaning from Bubbalooz explains: "The Lulla Doll was developed after many years of scientific research showing how closeness improves sleep, well being and safety. It plays a real heartbeat and breathes continuously for eight hours. Babies spend nine months in the ‘noisy’ womb environment so it makes sense that the heartbeat and breathing noises become soothing for them. Customer testimonials speak highly of how well Lulla works with helping their babies and little ones sleep better. The Lulla Doll has recently attracted a huge amount of interest from parents in New Zealand and Australia, often selling out in very short periods of time. When you are a sleep deprived parent, you would almost try anything to get a good nights sleep."

The real-life breathing and heartbeat of a yoga teacher that was recorded to imitate the sleeping sounds of a parent have been variously described by reviewers as sounding like Darth Vader or a zombie but that doesn't seem to put off the babies and toddlers who are enjoying much more settled sleep ... and the parents who are getting more shut-eye as a result!

Dummy detector

If your baby is soothed by a pacifier, you will be well used to the middle of the night hunt for a dummy! The Sleepytot bunny or lamb comforters enable the pacifier to be attached to their paws, making it easier to locate the dummy during the night and thus avoiding having to scrabble around in the dark, inevitably stepping on Lego! The gorgeously soft toy also doubles up as a comforter.


Hush little baby

Previously known as the 'Magic Mitten', the Gro Hush brings soothing sounds right to your baby's ear at just the right volume. It can play a beating heart, to mimic the closeness of a parent, wave sounds or the pitter patter of rain ... which makes me wonder if there will be more wet nappies as a result of all that water noise!

White noise

The Baby Shusher gives away everything in the name. It plays a 'sushing' noise to soothe a baby in the same way that white noise like the vacuum, dishwasher or washing machine can sometimes calm a crying baby. I've found that the noise of the vacuum, dishwasher or washing machine can also result in older children and even partners suddenly requiring a nap.

Baby hammock

Baby hammocks - what more do we need to say? Just imagine yourself, lying on a hammock, gently swaying in the breeze, cocooned by the soft fabric ... feeling sleepy?!


Did you discover a wonderful gadget to help get your baby off to sleep?


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