Bedtime at a slumber party
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Bedtime at a slumber party

When should you turn the lights out at your birthday slumber party? It depends on the ages of the guests. Younger children should probably be in their sleeping bags by 10pm, older ones by midnight. Parents have been known to change all the clocks in the house to give kids the thrill of staying up late (while still managing to give everyone a decent night's sleep). Avoid squabbles about who sleeps next to whom by suggesting the guests arrange their sleeping bags in a star pattern with heads in the middle.

It's a good idea to offer a calming activity as a transition to bedtime. Although some children will want to tell scary stories, a good movie is probably a better choice. If some guests are ready to go to sleep before others, consider putting them in a guest room or adjacent space where you can dim the lights.

If this is a first sleepover, be prepared for a guest who wants to go home. If s/he has never spent the night away from home/parents, the fun of a slumber party may wear thin by bedtime. Be certain you have a way to reach all the parents in case this happens. Before you call the parents, however, try to address the guest's fears. A child who's afraid of the dark may be comforted by a dim night light.


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