Slumber party rules
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Slumber party rules

If you're clear about the rules of the house - no leaving the house, no crank calls, no unsupervised cooking- from the outset, you should be able to remain behind the scenes (there if needed, but not hovering).

Post a list of house rules where children can see them. Let children know that anyone who doesn't follow the rules will be sent home. You will need to be prepared to follow through and send disruptive children home to salvage the party for the others.

  • Don't try to join in the sleepover and act like a kid. Remain the parent.
  • Don't show favouritism or question the kids about their family. Resist the urge to gossip with them.
  • Don't try to time everything out for the kids. Allow them to be somewhat spontaneous. However, encourage them to stick with the original plan for the sleepover.
  • Don't reprimand or scold one child in front of the others. However, if any child becomes belligerent or disruptive at the cost of others, don't hesitate to call their parents to come and get them.
  • Don't show signs of panic if an emergency should arise. Your panic or anxiety will make the kids more afraid. Stay calm and have a plan in place for just this sort of thing.
  • Don't drink alcohol, consume drugs or use foul language in front of any child - or should they be allowed to do it.
  • Don't count on getting much sleep yourself!


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