5 clever ways to record baby memories
These easy craft ideas will help you remember every step of your baby’s first year, from milestones to ordinary moments.
Baby memories

Experienced parents will tell you to enjoy every moment when your baby is small, because “time flies”. And while it’s a well-worn cliche, it’s also true! So if you don’t want to miss out or forget the little things about your bub, here are some clever, crafty ways to document the everyday.

1. Get quilting

Instead of stuffing your baby’s outgrown clothes in storage, use them as memory triggers. Cut squares of fabric from their milestone outfits, such as the onesie they came home from hospital in, or their first bib. When you’ve got a collection of different materials, you’re ready to make them into a quilt of memories. 

Tip: Use the quilt on your child’s cot or bed. Every night as they go to bed, tell them the story behind one piece of fabric and why it holds special memories.



Baby clothes



2. Paint their footprints

There’s nothing cuter than a baby’s tiny foot, but it’s difficult to recall just how little those toes once were when your one-year-old is running around all over the place. Each month, paint the bottom of their foot with paint and then print it on a piece of paper. After you’ve collected 12 prints, line them up, then frame them all together. Twelve footprints in a row really shows how much they’ve grown over the course of a year.

Tip: Do the prints outdoors so you don’t have to worry about restraining a small child covered in paint! Have some extra paper ready so they can play around with the paint and get as messy as they like.






3. Send memory emails

Set up an email account for your baby, and every time they do something noteworthy, send them an email telling them about it; you could include a short line about what they did, how proud you are, and a photo of them in action. In years to come, give your child the password to the email account, so you can look at all the milestone and messages together.

Tip: Keep all the emails you send in a separate folder in your own email account – just in case you forget the password to the one you’ve set up for your child!






4. Take a weekly photo

Choose your baby’s favourite toy and place it next to them. Each week take a photo of them in the same place with the same toy. The toy acts as a marker so you can see how much they’ve grown each week. At the end of the year, collate all the photos and make them in to a collage to document your baby’s first 52 weeks. Apps such as InstaCollage or Pic Collage allow you to write comments or dates on each photo, and let you print collages at poster size so you can frame it.

Tip: To take great photos, choose a spot with natural light, an uncluttered background and keep your baby’s outfit simple.






5. Record the ‘outtakes’

It’s easy to take photos of your baby’s first smile or the first time they crawl. But not many parents record the ‘outtake’ moments – such as tears or tantrums. At the time these things might appear stressful, but looking back at them is guaranteed to make you laugh, and help you remember all the things that have made your baby who they are today.

Tip: Keep these photos in a separate folder on your computer, then make them into a small photo book (check out companies such as Snapfish or Photobox) – it’s perfect fodder to keep on hand for a 21st birthday party and some embarrassing stories in years to come!

This article was written by Katherine Chatfield for Kidspot.com.au and has been adapted for Kidspot.co.nz

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