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15 of the best banana bread recipes for little monkeys

Best banana bread recipes

There are some bananas going black in your fruit bowl. Yesss! It’s banana bread time!

Nothing but ‘nana


No fancy additions. Why mess with perfection?

1. Banana bread

Here it is, pure and unadulterated, good old-fashioned banana bread, the perfect way to use up those over-ripe bananas and quieten those incessant, “I’m hungry, Mum” whines.

2. Easy banana bread

If baking doesn’t come naturally to you, try this easy-peasy, very-hard-to-stuff-up recipe, which still happens to taste mighty fine.

3. Low-fat banana bread

The only thing better than banana cake is banana bread that’s low fat but tastes just as good as the naughtier version.

4. Maresy’s amazing banana bread recipe

I know not who Maresy is. But hot dang, her banana bread is amazing. If she does say so herself.

5. Exquisite banana bread

Why just have banana bread when you could be having exquisite banana bread? Am I right or am I right?



Iced banana bread


These banana bread ideas look like proper fancy-schmany cakes AND are iced. And by that we mean both literally and in the hip-hop-ghetto-slang-sense. As in they’re really cool, yo.

6. Banana bread with lemon icing

The zesty icing marries beautifully with the dense and moist banana bread.

7. Banana bread with butter frosting

Delicious on its own, this banana bread is elevated to sublime with the addition of a rich, buttery frosting.

8. Banana bread with passionfruit cream

This isn’t just your standard, cut-off-a-slice-for-afternoon-tea slab of banana bread. This is a serve-at-the-dinner-table-with-a-great-flourish, ‘oohs and ahhsy’ type of affair. Just so you know.



Chocolate and caramel banana bread


I know, I know. As if banana bread wasn’t yummy enough, we had to go and make it yummier by adding in these guys. I don’t know how we can live with ourselves …

9. Chocolate flecked banana bread

A hint of chocolate adds a delicate smattering of decadence to this yummy cakey concoction – even non-banana lovers will enjoy this.

10. Chocolate banana bread

Infused with chocolate, double the decadence by serving it drizzled with a gooey chocolate ganache. We won’t tell anyone …

11. Nutella and Banana bread

Delicious and super easy. Fantastic eaten hot with butter!


Bedazzled banana cake

Banana cakes

Banana cake made extra magnificent with a few stellar additions.

12. Banana maple cake

Standard banana cake gets a delicious lift with the addition of maple syrup. Seriously yum.

13. Hazelnut buttermilk and banana bread

Nutty, moist and delicious. One seriously clever banana cake.

14. Cafe-styled banana bread

Perfect for a Sunday brunch treat. You don't even need to leave the house.


15. Banana and passionfruit bread with ricotta

Your eyes will actually roll back into your head after tasting this. It’s that good.


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