How to minimise your hips - without dieting!
How to minimise your hips (without dieting!)

You probably already know black is a slimming colour? Well ta-dah, here are few more fashion figure fixers to help you trick the eye and trim your hips...

Hip horray - instant hip slimming tricks

  • Streamline your body by wearing skirts in darker colours that absorb light and make you look trimmer.
  • Downsize your lower body by wearing detail-free A-line skirts that skim your shape and flatter your upper body.
  • Wearing a slim-fitting v-neck top with a fuller skirt can hide your hips, or a shorter skirt and a loose shirt can camouflage your stomach and show off great legs.
  • Try wearing off-the-shoulder tops - they draw the eye upward, and balance your shoulder line.
  • When it comes to jeans, remember the smaller the pocket, the better your bum will look.  
  • When choosing pants or skirts, go for hip-minimising vertical details like pinstripes.
  • Wear bright colour tops to draw the attention away from your hips.
  • Wearing wide-legged or boot-leg pants can help trick the eye and lengthen the leg.
  • Make your jackets either waist- or skirt length - anywhere in between will make you bottom heavy.  
  • Try straightening your hair - seriously, it can also make you appear slimmer.

Too hippy? - The don't files

  • Don't wear anything too flimsy - it will show up every lump and bump.
  • Steer clear of Lycra, clingy knits and shiny fabrics (like satin) that can make you look larger.
  • Don't even think about wearing over-sized clothes - they instantly make you appear bigger than you really are.
  • Avoid low-waist skirts, pockets, plaid and pleats - they invite the eye to where you want it least.
  • Stay away from fussy prints as they can add size - instead wear monochromatic colours from top to toe.

Hip accessory tips

  • Try not to wear belts - unless they match your pants.  
  • Invest in necklaces and earrings (wear one at a time) to draw the eye upward - and make your neck appear longer
  • Wear high heels rather than flats. The higher the heel, the taller and slimmer you'll look.

Cossie camouflage

Choose swimsuits made of matte fabric - shiny fabrics tend to catch the light in all the wrong places and can magnify any bulges. Try a bikini with a bandeau to widen the bust or a padded bra top to build it up. Team with high-cut bikini bottoms to slim the hips and thighs - and avoid shorts or wide-leg styles.

Most importantly

Wear what you like - and what makes you feel good!

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