Magically multiply your make-up - without spending a cent!
Magically multiply your make-up (without spending a cent!)

Follow these beauty insider tricks to make the products in your make-up bag
and bathroom cabinet work harder for you.

Double acts

Here's how to make your make-up work double time.

  • Blend lipstick onto your cheeks to create a sheer coloured blush (but make sure your skin is well moisturised).
  • Lip gloss can double as a highlighter for your cheeks and eyes.
  • Eye pencils can be used to outline and define your lips too.
  • Shimmery eyeshadow is great for defining cheekbones and collarbones.
  • Rub lip balm into your nails to nourish and soften your cuticles.
  • Mix Vaseline with a little loose powder eyeshadow to create a shimmery highlighter for your face and body.

Make your beauty dollar go further

Make your own scented body lotion by adding a couple of drops of your favourite essential oil or perfume to Sorbolene cream.

Save on face exfoliators by gently rubbing your face with a dry towel before cleansing, or with a damp face cloth afterwards.

If your nail polish refuses to dry, spray on a non-stick cooking spray to speed up the process. Alternatively, coax your nail polish into a fast-drying mode by sticking it in the freezer for a few minutes before you apply it.

To instantly revive your foundation in a matter of seconds, place a clean tissue over your face, lightly spritz with a water spray and then peel it off.

Maximise your mileage

FINGER PAINTING: Apply your foundation with your fingers because sponges just soak up the product meaning less colour for your face.

BOTTOMS UP: Store your hair- and skin-care products upside down to ensure you get every last drop.

THE SCOOP: You may think you've finished your lipstick but there's actually a quarter of the lippie still in there. Scoop it out with a knife and make your own lipstick palette out of an ice tray.

CUT YOUR LOSSES: When you can't squeeze anymore out of a tube, cut it in half, you'll be surprised how much product will be inside.

GET INTO HOT WATER: To get the last couple of swipes of mascara or lip gloss, run the closed tube under hot water.

MIX IT UP: If you're almost out of foundation, add a few drops of moisturiser to the bottle and shake it up to make a sheer base.

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