Give your fridge a facelift
Makeover your refrigerator - NOW!

Show your fridge how much you appreciate it by treating it to a little makeover. If it's crammed full of unrecognisable items and expiry dates of years gone past them it probably deserves it, and you'll be amazed at how invigorated a neat and clean fridge can make you feel!

If in doubt, throw it out

Chuck any items in your fridge that are growing mould, unidentifiable or out of date. Now, you should be left with only non-health hazard items and well on your way to a cleaner (and safer!) fridge.


Those fridge designers must sigh every time they open a fridge door to find users don't bother to put eggs in their fancy egg holders, medicines in the lockable compartment, or cold meats in the handy pull out drawer. BUT if you actually use these storage solutions, your fridge can look amazingly organised and spacious.

Label, label, label

If you don't own a labeller, buy one - it will change your life. Sure, you can scribble use-by dates on zip-lock bags, but a neat printed label just looks so much more well, organised - even if your kids do start to nickname you 'neat freak'. You can label containers and shelves so that items are actually (finger crossed!) put back where they belong, instead of crammed into the only remaining space left in the fridge.

Invest in some Tupperware

If your vegetable drawer is chock-a-block, or your fridge shelves are piled up with plates of leftovers, invest in some good-quality Tupperware containers to neatly house all these loose items.

TIP - Stain-resistant glass is best for storing microwavable leftovers and plastic is the choice for foods you don't reheat.

Buy a lettuce container

Did you know that lettuce shouldn't be kept near ethylene gas-producing fruit such as apples, pears or bananas as the gas accelerates the lettuce's deterioration? Nope, well, this is one of many reasons why you should store your leafy greens unwashed in an airtight container. Buy one from the supermarket and enjoy longer-lasting lettuce.

Have a spring clean

Every once in a while (and if your fridge is in need of a makeover, this is probably the time!) remove all the fridge shelving and drawers and give the inside a good wipe down. Wash the shelves, dry them and then give them a quick wipe over with a soft cloth soaked in a couple of drops of vanilla - this will make your fridge smell fresh and wonderful. Almost new, in fact!

Freezer face-lift

Don't ignore your freezer. Give it a little TLC too and throw out any empty frozen vegetable bags, old ice-cream containers and any meat that's been there too long. As a guide, red meat and fish shouldn't be kept in the freezer for longer than six months, chicken no more four months and seasoned sausages for up to two months. Do this and your fridge makeover will be complete!

This article was written by Lana Hallowes.

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