Domestic violence is never OK
by Robin Ronowicz

When a woman hits a man, is that not also domestic violence?
Domestic violence

My mind has been going in circles as to whether I should write this post or not but I think that it's important that I do. Not for the world but for myself. Domestic violence is unacceptable, wrong, disgusting and damaging to any victim be that a women, man or child. 

I'm sure you all would have seen on the news about Beyonce's sister attacking her husband in an elevator right?! Now this is not acceptable for any person at any time I think we can all agree, what I have a problem with is the fact that it has been somewhat laughed off by the media. 
 "Whoa this girl lost it!? I wonder what he said to her?"  
Then there is also this article from The Huffington Post.
Now, think if it was a man toward a women, things would have been very different. He would have been arrested, charged with assault, dragged through the dirt by the media, labeled a women beater and probably spent some time in jail. Yes? 
Should a women who abuses a man get the same consequences? Yes! 
A man can act in violence yes but so can a women. A women can physically abuse a man. Abuse is abuse and domestic violence is domestic violence and it should be treated in that way.
Now yes the statistics say that men abuse women more than women abuse men but how can we properly measure this when it is said that 90% of domestic violence incidents are unreported. I think there are a lot of men out there who would be too embarrassed, ashamed or threatened to speak up. Would anyone even believe him if if he speak up? Some of this may be because there isn't the support available for men as there is for women? Women who need help know they can contact places like Women's Refuge there is no Men's Refuge! Try typing into Google Women against men domestic violence support barely anything comes up. 
Why is it that we have this image in our minds that domestic violence is only a man towards a women?  Tweet this.

Why must a man always be the abuser?

Why is it that we laugh when a women hits a man yet we prosecute a man when he does the same to a women when neither is excusable? 
Think about the statement above "I wonder what he did to her?" and reverse it "I wonder what she did for him to hit her". This is something the media would never say! It is not acceptable to blame the person or question the person who has been abused. 
If you or someone you know is affected by domestic violence I will link some resources below for both men and women. It is never ever ok for any person to act violently against another. I will also link some resources below for anyone who would like information about any anger issues. If you are an angry person or someone who looses their temper easily please seek help it is out there. 
Please remember it is never ok.
Robin x

This blog was written by Robin Ronowicz who blogs at Crazy Mother Crafter

Mother, wife, crafter, blogger, small business owner and lover of life!

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