20 fun fruit and veggie snack recipes to get little kids eating without a fuss
20 fun fruit and veggie snack recipes to get little kids eating without a fuss

Healthy and homemade is IN! Reform your picky eaters with these 20 delicious ways to make a fun snack out of fruit and vegetables.

1. Fruity solar system

This clever idea is a delicious snack and an astronomy lesson in one. Science never tasted THIS good when I was growing up!

2. Mini quiches with hidden veg

Fill hungry tums with these delicious homemade quiches. Packed full of veges, these are the perfect after school snack or lunchbox filler.

3. Grape caterpillars


Use wooden skewers to put these cute creepy crawlies together … and watch them disappear down the hatch in the blink of an eye!

4. Watermelon pops

These are a fantastic after school snack and will really satisfy the kids on a hot day. You can add different fruits for a taste sensation.

5. Strawberry mice

Little ones will get a kick out of devouring these adorable strawberry cuties.

6. Rainbow fried rice

Your kids will just adore this delicious dinner with colourful slices of yum. What a joy to eat something so pretty!

7. Zucchini brownies

Sneak extra veggeies into the kids' diet with this delicious chocolatey treat..

8. Fruity sticks


These quick bites are great for lunch boxes, parties or just when your kids need a quick refuel. They’ll never say no!

9. Ambrosia salad 

A scrummy snack or a lovely side to accompany any main meal, this salad is particularly popular with toddlers.

10. The Very Hungry Caterpillar fruit snack

Bring this much-loved kiddie book to life, with an irresistible picture-perfect snack.

11. The best green smoothie

Your kids will be hooked after their first sip of this luminous green drink. Especially if you call it something really cool, like Sweet Slurping Slime!

12. Banana palm trees


Here’s how to create a fruity masterpiece worth gobbling up. Too cute!

13. Fruit sushi

Perfect for a cute fruity snack or a fun cooking activity to do with the kids.

14. Hearts and stars fruit salad

These edible shapes of deliciousness will keep the kids occupied for hours, and fill their little bellies at the same time. Bonus!

15. Avocado chocolate pudding

A quick and easy pudding recipe that just happens to be nutritious as well.

16. Ants on a log


If your kids are reluctant to eat celery, they won’t be after sampling this snack-happy idea.

17.  DIY classic layered salad

Dish up this salad in a see-through cup for a novelty way to serve a simple dish. For added wow-factor, try hiding a surprise at the very bottom.

18. Watermelon popsicles

Insert a popsicle stick into a wedge of watermelon, freeze and serve. Your juicy icy snack is ready to eat just like that!

19. Bert and Ernie fruit snacks

There will be squeals of delight all around, when your kids clap their eyes on this cute fruit.

20. Apple race car snacks

Race these funky fruits down the kitchen bench, around the corner and straight into an open mouth. Who says food can’t be fun?!

This article was written by Jo Harris for Kidspot.com.au and has been adapted for Kidspot.co.nz

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