Fun with Balloons
Inexpensive and uncomplicated - balloons are the ultimate play accessory.
Fun with Balloons

I love staying indoors for hours with an energetic toddler, said no mother EVER! The weather sure is sucking the life out of me lately. I know, I know – it’s winter and we need the rain and yay for the farmers.

But what do you do when your kids are acting like trapped zoo animals and driving you halfway up the wall? There are only so many times you can whip out the same old games or crafts before your toddler starts shaking their head and sneaking off to write on the walls with vivid.

My special little man raises one eyebrow, shakes his head, says a slow ‘noooooo’ and then turns to his sister for some aggressive play which is guaranteed to end in tears. He ain’t subtle, this kid.

On days like this, if I need to get anything done at home and can’t escape, I have two choices. I can spend the whole day separating the brawling little monkeys and comforting whichever one is crying, or I can come up with new ways to entertain them.

I normally turn to Pinterest and it never lets me down. Recently I decided to bank a bunch of ideas which require simple supplies and I found heaps of great games using balloons. Here are a few goodies you could tuck up your sleeve for the next rainy day at your place.

Balloon toss game

Play balloon tennis – so simple, yet so fun. Make your racket out of a paper plate and a paint stirrer or some kind of stick. Blow up a balloon and you are done! From


Balloon rocket

Never mind the kids, I really want to try this one myself! You can make a balloon rocket out of the simplest of supplies and sending it zooming off. Cooooool! You just need a balloon, some kite string, a straw and some tape. Get the instructions on here and while you’re there, check out their whole ‘Activity Corner’ which is packed with ideas for entertaining kids. I have a new obsession!

Another idea is to hang balloons on strings in a doorway,  just slightly higher than your kids’ height and have them jump and grab the balloons. Some sites suggests that for older kids you can put a drawing pin to the top of a hat and have them try to headbutt the balloons and pop them. Such fun, but you’d wanna really secure that drawing pin wouldn’t you!

When you have a crowd to entertain, you can tie balloons to kids’ ankles and have them chase each other around the house trying to burst each other’s balloons.  The winner is the last person with their balloon still blown up.


Balloon people

Get out some glue and craft paper or felt and cut out shapes to make balloon faces. Idea from


Balloon Cup Shooters

I really like this idea. You cut the bottom off a paper cup, cut the tip off a balloon and tie it, cover the bottom of the cup with the balloon and you have a balloon cup shooter. This idea is from and they use little handmade pom poms to shoot out of the cups. So cool and adds in a fun pom pom making activity too.

This blog was written by Kelly Burnie who blogs at My Lucky Stars

My name’s Kelly and I am a 32 year old former journalist with two kids, one husband and a little house in the suburbs in Auckland, New Zealand. I love raising rascals but I’m not the perfect mum and my wee ones are hardly angels. Sometimes the two-year-old watches TV, sometimes we give him junk food. It’s a shocking tale, but one I just have to share with you because I think parenting has gotten a little serious lately. I reckon it’s okay to admit your kid doesn’t stick to a sleep schedule, or that they almost made you cry in the supermarket or that one day when you weren’t looking the baby ate an unknown number of cat biscuits.


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