How to clean the bathroom while the kids are in the tub
Clean the bathroom

The bathroom is one of our home’s high-traffic, high-maintenance rooms. It’s the place we go to wash off the grime of the day, all day, every day. So it’s little wonder that it’s often messy, dirty and more than a little pongy (especially if you have small boys …). In order to keep this space functional and hygienic, in an ideal world we’d find the time to clean the bathroom every single day … well, welcome to your ideal world.

The perfect time to give the bathroom a good scrubbing is while the kids are in the tub. They get clean, you clean – it works out really well for everyone. If you’ve got a solid system and routine, you’ll be able to complete the job fast while the kids happily play and you all have a laugh together. Here’s the way to work it.

1. Give the bathtub a good clean before the kids get in

Once they’ve finished their bath, they generally require assistance getting out, getting changed and getting on with the evening, so cleaning the tub done before they get in is the sensible thing to do. Use an earth-friendly, kid-friendly cleaner and you won’t need to worry too much about how thoroughly you’ve rinsed the bath out.

Favourites include:

  • Sprinkle the bath with bicarb of soda and then spritz with neat white vinegar – wipe the whole thing down while the bicarb is still fizzing, concentrating on the area where bath tub rings like to lurk.
  • Choose a friendly cleaner from a range like method, ecostore, Murchison-Hume or Earth Choice.
  • Mix lemon juice into bicarb of soda to form a paste. Rub the paste into the bathtub and rinse.

2. Put the kids in the bath and give them a cloth

Once they’ve cleaned themselves, encourage them to give the bath a bit more of a scrub for you. They’ll enjoy helping you clean and they are fabulous at cleaning the tiles we so often neglect.

3. Clean the toilet

While the kids clean the bath, put your usual toilet cleaner (or  use bicarb of soda) into the toilet bowl and leave to sit while you get on with cleaning the outside of the toilet. Give it a good wipe around the outside with a little toilet cleaner squirted onto a wad of toilet paper then use the brush to scrub the inside. Put the brush under the toilet lid to allow it to drip into the bowl and throw the used paper into the bowl. Grab another good handful of toilet paper, squirt it with toilet cleaner and wipe the floor around the toilet. Take the brush out of the bowl and return it to its canister, then put the toilet paper into the bowl and flush the lot.

4. Clean the basin

Play ’20 questions’ with the kids while you give the basin a scrub and a wipe. Use any of the cleaning methods described above or your usual bathroom cleaner. Don’t forget to remove the drain and clean down inside the plughole – I use an old bottle brush for this bit. You’ll be amazed at what lurks there. If you’re struggling to get the mouldy bits out from around the taps, grab a little floss and floss them! Works a treat.

5. Clean the mirrors

Spray a little glass cleaner onto the mirror and polish with some kitchen towel. Polish the basin taps while you’re at it.

6. Clean the shower

Use the glass cleaner to spray the shower doors and scrub them with a kitchen scrubber made for non-stick pans. The scrubber will remove all soap scum without scratching the glass. Clean the rest of the shower with your usual cleaner and the scrubber and give the taps and shower head a little loving with the window cleaner. Use an old toothbrush dipped in the lemon/ bicarb mix (see above) on stubborn grout stains. If you want to use bleach you’ll need to wait until the kids are out of the room as those fumes are awful for little systems.

7. Encourage the kids to pack up the bath toys

Put all the bath toys into a string bag to allow them to drip dry. I hang the bag on a butcher’s hook over the shower recess.

8. Get the kids out of the bath

Once you’ve dried the kids, twice a week put the used towels, washers and the bath mats on to wash. Before grabbing the bath mat, give the floor a quick spray with floor cleaner (keep a bottle handy filled with 1/4  cleaner and 3/4  water) and run the bath mat around to clean. Then it’s straight into the wash for that mat!

There you have it. You’ve washed the kids, you’ve role modelled  good helping behaviour, you’ve spent a little quality time on a game, and your bathroom will be shining almost as brightly as your satisfaction levels. Well done!

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