Are female friendships taking a back seat to romantic relationships?
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The University of Auckland is conducting a new study focusing on Women, and how they form friendships with other obligations in mind. 

The kind of frienships women hold are different to how men deal with their mates. Women are more likely to ask for advice and are more open with how they feel. So it is expected that with any big decision a woman has to make, her friends, family or partner are going to have an influence towards the outcome. 

As doctoral student Maree Martinussen, from the School of Psychology, said: "Women’s close friendships can be a massive driving force, critically influencing how lives are organised."

"If you ask a woman about how she makes decisions on anything from childcare to finances, from choosing a partner to healthcare, it’s likely her friends have a big influence."

However, the friendship that women holds can have a positive and a negative impact towards their lifestyle. Women tend to not be open to this kind of topic and are more sensitive to it. The researchers want to uncover the reasons why this happens.

"We suspect that the idealisation of romantic coupledom has something to do with it," Maree says.

"Even the words 'relationship' and intimate' have been co-opted by the realm of sexual relations so that we seem to lack a language for talking about the significance of friendship."

Throughout this research there are still alot of things to acknowledge about women and their friendships. So If you are a woman aged from late twenties to late forties and would like to contribute to the research, please visit for more information.

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