Baby is broken and I do not have a guarantee
Not only do babies not come with a manual, one poor mum also discovered that not only was her baby broken - she couldn't find the guarantee. A plea for help on 'mumsnet' sparked a deluge of 'helpful' advice!
Where is the guarantee

A recent post on Mumsnet from a desperate new mum 'loosechange' is a humourous but heartfelt plea for help. Her post reads:

Noooo. Baby is broken and I can't find a guarantee.

He won’t stop crying unless he’s being held by me, preferably sleeping on one exposed boob, although at a push I can reclothe.

He is declining tuneless songs and cuddles from his siblings, and putting him down got me into a lot of trouble. Who needs words to shout?!

I can’t find his warranty, and am not sure I could face returning him, collection was bad enough.

Any suggestions?

'loosechange' certainly struck a chord with other mums - here are some of their responses:

SloppyDailyMailJournalism advised "If your nipple's OK just stick him back on the charging station until he's fully charged and leave him alone - he'll probably go into sleep mode."

isthatmyshirt mused "Mine switches off pretty easily (usually), but then weirdly flicks back on at regular intervals throughout the night, and my husband hasn't figured out the knack to the gammy off switch, so it has to be me that gets up to turn it off again."

mumonarocket had some experience to offer "Managed to disable it at the mains with use of swaddle. Look forward to it randomly rebooting itself at short intervals throughout the night".

Mercedes519 has older models that seem to be also suffering a glitch - "So pleased/not pleased to find that these bugs are endemic to the models and not some glitch in my models. The 2006 is suffering from the loose eye problem - causing them them to roll. It also seems to have a issue with its bending function which means that everything has to be left on the floor."

For more priceless advice you can browse the thread here. Have you ever been tempted to invoke a guarantee on your baby ?


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