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Are you struggling to lose your "baby weight"? of maybe are overweight now but keen to lose weight before you get pregnant?

What ever stage of motherhood you are at -we are keen to help you.

It takes alot of energy to make a baby (and then produce enought breast milk to feed it) while at the same time maintain your energy levels for work and family life.

On top of all of this some women also have pre-existing health issues that may relate to their diet such as diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, high cholesterols or allergies and intolerances.

We can help you by beginning with a nutritional assessment of your  food intake Lea will show you where the nutrient gaps are and offer practical solutions, nutrition education and support to move on.

Visit Lea's website www.leastening.com  for nutrition articles for women, children and family & subscribe to her monthly free newsletters. Lea also runs seminars for interested groups.

This dietary service is now totally run online so you can have access to your own dietitian without having to leave home or work or battle with traffic and waiting room delays.

Just email your concerns to nutrition@leastening.com and we will be happy to offer you a range of ways in which we could help you.

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Lea Stening Health
Contact: 03 355 7770
Email Lea for an online appointment

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