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Breathe Easy Carseat Insert

Contact: 09 838 2374

Natures Sway Breathe Easy is a newly developed device, designed to ensure that your baby’s head and neck are supported while travelling in a car seat capsule.  Modern babies often spend a lot of time sitting in car seats which provide little support for the head. As the muscles in an infant’s neck require time to develop strength, it’s important that additional support is provided. Without support, the head tends to fall to the side or forwards which could result in a restriction of baby’s airways.

We designed the Breathe Easy to lift the chest slightly to allow the head to settle back between two soft padded 'arms',  and it's made with firm wool padding so baby should not get overheated.

Visit our website to learn more about our slings, carry wrap and also our high quality baby hammocks!

Please note:The Breathe easy insert may not be suitable for very small or premature babies. Always follow the advise of your caregiver and contact us if you have any concerns. This product has been on the market since 2013 with a number of very happy customers and all positive feedback. Crash tests will be considered, and several synthetic versions on the market have passed these dynamic tests, but the reality is that car-seat manufacturers will void their responsibility if any insert is used with their car seat whether or not the insert is tested.Our intention is to give parents a natural alternative to the various synthetic inserts already on the market. Our design is so slim and firm (the wool batting is already compacted) that we are very confident it poses no risk to the functionality of the capsule as long as baby and the seat are strapped in correctly.  The Breathe Easy will not suit all car seats – some already have a lot of padding and extra support included.
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Breathe Easy Carseat Insert
Contact: 09 838 2374

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