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En Pointe Dance Academy

Contact: 021 705 122
5 Hania Street, Wellington

Dance should be a positive experience for both the teacher and the student.  EnPointe aims to foster a culture of respect by promoting a sense of belonging for each student, open and honest communication, constructive feedback, and recognising the value each student brings to, not just to their class but the Academy as a whole.  Both teacher and student should have a mutual respect for each other and for dance.  Students should feel proud to belong to the Academy.

EnPointe teachers will provide a nurturing and supportive learning environment, and empower and guide the student to learn to the best of their ability,  thus enabling the student to express themselves through the emotion and physicality of movement and music whilst enriching their knowledge and appreciation of the art of Dance.  In turn, EnPointe will encourage each student to become actively involved within the class and the Academy, becoming a confident learner whilst being nurturing, supportive and respectful of other students at the Academy and any other dance school.

EnPointe has a duty of care when entrusted with your children and will follow the RAD Code of Professional Conduct and Practices providing a safe and secure learning environment and experience.  But more than this EnPointe hopes to play a part in developing well rounded individuals who will grow to be a successful and happy contributing member of society.

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En Pointe Dance Academy
Contact: 021 705 122
5 Hania Street, Wellington

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