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ThumbGuard NZ

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The patented, FDA - listed, ThumbGuard appliance is an effective and easy to use way to stop thumbsucking. It was designed with three things in mind:

1. Make it impossible for the child to suck their thumb when the appliance is on;
2. Make it very difficult for a child to remove it;
3. Make it as unrestrictive and as fun to wear as possible.

When a child begins thumbsucking, a seal is created around the thumb with the lips. Without this seal, there is no suction, which is the primary source of pleasure in thumbsucking.

To prevent this from happening, the tubular part of the device, which goes over the child's thumb, must always be larger in diameter than the thumb. When the child's lips seal the tubular part on the outside, the gap (or space) between thumb and tube on the inside keeps the air flowing, thus breaking the seal. This removes the pleasure from thumbsucking, without causing any pain or discomfort.

ThumbGuard has been tested by leading American dental institutions, who boast a 90% success rate.  We are confident ThumbGuard will work for you too.

The kit contains:  plastic thumb guard, 60 coloured disposable bracelets and instructional CD/DVD and leaflet.

We also supply FingerGuard which covers two fingers and works in the same way to prevent finger sucking.

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ThumbGuard NZ
Contact: 021 740740
Visit us online

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