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Solvej Swings

Contact: 07 8937848
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All our swings are carefully crafted from the best suited materials to entertain your children from the age of approximately 6 months and over.

All swings (organic excluded)  are made from weather proof materials, so they can used both  indoors and outdoors: natural durable timber, rot proof canvas, yachting braid and stainless fittings.

The Solvej Baby Toddler swing is suitable from approximately 6 months to 6 years. A generous swing that can easily be converted to a toddler swing when your child is around 3 years old, making it excellent value for money.

The Solvej Child Swing is suitable from 3 years and older. The soft canvas seat hugs the shape of the body when swinging, sitting or lying on the tummy, making it a safer comfortable swing (no extruding hard parts that have no give).

We also make a finely crafted TraditionalBoard Swing.

Please email us at with any queries.

Free shipping within New Zealand for orders from our websites

Solvej Swings carry a 9 year Warranty 

Made in New Zealand for over 20 Years by Holmsater Ltd.

For a more economical version of the Solvej baby Toddler Swing see our baby KEA swing at 

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Solvej Swings
Contact: 07 8937848
Visit us online

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