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En Pointe Dance Academy

Contact: 021 705 122
5 Hania Street, Wellington

The Dance to your own Tune (DToT) syllabus for 2.5 to 5 year olds has been designed from developmental perspective: addresing young children's cognitive, motor an affective development and is therefore a fusion of educational and developmental theory.  It recognises the importance of movement in young children.  Ths focuson movement does not imply its superiority over creativity, expression, or musicality, rather it exemplifies that movement is th medum for these elements to be developed.   DToT aims to capture andnurture the instinctive joy of movement and freedom of expression that young children possess.  Through participaion n a child-centred learning environment that encourages exploration, independence and social interaction, children will learn to move an learn though movemet.   The goals for the syllabus are:  
  • to enhance children's movement abilities an physical fitness
  • to aid children in becoming physically and spatially aware
  • to stimulate children's listerning skills
  • to encourage children to move expressively
  • to build children's confidence and self esteem
  • to encourage children to become co-operative and sociable
This syllabus also forms the bases for shifting into the RAD Ballet Grades programme when the children turn 5 and are attending school.
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En Pointe Dance Academy
Contact: 021 705 122
5 Hania Street, Wellington

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