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Quick dinner recipes from your pantry

Quick dinner recipes from your pantry

Have to feed your brood in a hurry - but can't bear another trip to the shops? Before you reach for a tin of baked beans, check out these straight-from-the-cupboard recipes. They not only use ingredients you already have, but can be made in a flash and on a budget, too. Keep them handy for those times when the fridge is bare!

Pantry dinner recipe: Quick salmon patties

Fishy, fast and full of flavour, these salmon patties are a guaranteed hit with your family. They'll love the taste, and you'll love knowing that they've had a serve of Omega-3. But the best thing? No one will realise they came from a can...

Try the quick salmon patties recipe

Pantry dinner recipe: Pantry pasta sauce

Got pasta? Now you just need something to put on it?  This pantry-friendly pasta sauce is perfect. It can be kept plain, or be jazzed up with whatever other ingredients you have lying around.

Try the pantry pasta sauce recipe

Pantry dinner recipe: 2 ingredient pizza dough

Think pizza dough demands yeast, plus time and patience? Think again. With only two ingredients, you'll have a base ready for your family's favourite toppings. Fresh pizza, straight out of the cupboard? Who'd have thought?!

Try the 2 ingredient pizza dough recipe

Pantry dinner recipe: Pantry tuna pasta

If you need a meal in minutes, try this pantry tuna pasta. This recipe combines tuna, veggies and a creamy sauce, all the while using ingredients you already have in your pantry - no trip to the shops needed.

Try the pantry tuna pasta recipe

Pantry dinner recipe: Gnocchi with tomato, garlic and basil

For a Italian dinner with a gourmet taste, try out this herb and tomato gnocchi. It looks, tastes and smells like it's fresh from a restaurant, but really it's straight out of your cupboard. 

Try the gnocchi with tomato, garlic and basil recipe

Pantry dinner recipe: Easy oven baked risotto

Cooking a traditional risotto is a time-consuming hassle. But what if it took a minimal effort? This mushroom risotto is fast, dead easy - and you guessed it - the ingredients are all sitting in your cupboard.

Try the easy oven baked risotto recipe

Pantry dinner recipe: Tuna and cannellini bean salad

If you've got a few greens in the crisper and tuna and beans in the cupboard, this tuna salad is a breeze. Quick to prepare, it delivers a lovely flavour with minimal effort. 

Try the tuna and cannellini bean salad recipe

Pantry dinner recipe: Stuffed potatoes

The trusty baked potato is a family favourite - and this pantry-friendly version is all too easy to make. Simply stuff your spuds with pantry staples and in 20 minutes you've got a delicious dinner.

Try the stuffed potatoes recipe

Pantry dinner recipe: Impossible quiche recipe

A quiche that doesn't require pastry? Yes please. This self-crusting quiche is simple to prepare and you can base the filling with whatever is left in your cupboard. 

Try the impossible quiche recipe

Pantry dinner recipe: Deli pasta

If you've got leftover bits and pieces from the deli, give this enticing recipe a whirl. With a colourful pasta, dinner not only looks and tastes great, but is the perfect emergency side dish, too.

Try the deli pasta recipe

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