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20 favourite party foods of all time

Favourite party foods

As any seasoned host knows, good food maketh the party. And when it comes to good party food, there are some dishes that never fail to hit the mark. They’re the party staples, those trays of food that come out to appreciative whoops and clutching hands that leave you with a tray of crumbs in next to no time. So what are the best party food of all time? We put the question out to the party-throwing world (OK, we asked a few people) and whittled it down to the top 20. What will be number one?

20. Mini hotdogs

Mini hot-dogs

Frankfurts. Bread rolls. Tomato sauce. Mustard. Tricky they ain’t. Gobbletastic, they are.

19. Spinach cobb dip

For the uninitiated, the delicious creamy spinach dip sits inside a hollowed out cobb loaf, the bread of which is used to scoop up the dip. Genius!

18. Pizza

Ahh, pizza. How can any self-respecting child – or adult – refuse? Whether you go for pizza pinwheels, squares, slices or cute pizza pops like we’ve shown here, don’t expect any leftovers!

17. Honey joys

Watch as the humble cornflake is transformed into a crunchy golden patty case of delight. An old school classic.

16. Chicken skewers with haloumi

You’ve got your old school classics, and then you’ve got your ‘so very now’s. And it’s hard to find a more culinary cool combo than chicken and haloumi.

15. Potato wedges


Will your guests rave about your innovation, creativity and culinary prowess? Well, probably not. But will they dive onto your wedges like seagulls onto a chip and think of you very fondly? My lordy, yes.

14. Fruit skewers

Easy, healthy, look good, no cooking, will always get wolfed down. Can’t go wrong with fruit skewers!

13. Mini hamburgers

Everything you love about a hamburger, but smaller. So you can have three.

12. Chicken satay skewers

Easy to make, easy to eat, satay sticks have been a longtime party favourite for a very good reason. Just prepare to find wooden sticks in your garden for the next year.

11. Spring rolls

A cocktail party staple, don’t be put off by the thought that making your own is too tricky … these delicious crunchy rolls are a breeze.

10. Guacamole dip

With the healthiness of avocados and a zesty tang that is just begging for a corn chip, guac rocks!

9. Smoked salmon bites


There’s something about smoked salmon and cream cheese nestled together on a bite-sized base of your choosing that screams party snack perfection. And did we mention dill? Gotta have the dill!

8. Sushi

Fresh, light, tasty and classy, not to mention the perfect size to stuff in your gob in one hit, sushi is a hit with party guests young and old.

7. Marinated chicken wings

Yes, they’re a tad messy, but licking the sticky honey soy sauce off your fingers afterwards is all part of the fun.

6. Hummus

When did you last go to a party and not eat hummus? This healthy and versatile dip is the perfect partner for everything from Turkish bread to crackers to veggie sticks … and homemade is always the best.

5. Sausage rolls

Delicious flaky pastry outside, yummy oniony mincey deliciousness within … bite-sized sausage rolls are the bomb!

4. Party pies


Equally at home at a kid’s party or grown-up shindig, the good old party pie is a quintessential part of any Aussie bash. Serve with lashings of tomato sauce and warn eager mouths that filling will be hot …

 3. Chocolate crackles

One heavenly bite instantly brings back memories of good times in the kitchen with Rice Bubbles, cocoa and Copha (seriously, has anyone ever used Copha for anything other than making chocolate crackles?!). A party tradition that will no doubt continue for many generations to come.

2. Fairy bread

As the name suggests, fairy bread is just a little bit magical. And better yet, impossible to stuff up. While you wouldn’t want to be putting it in your little angels’ lunch box every day, when it’s party time, all bets are off.

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And the grand winner is … (drum roll, please)

 1. Cupcakes

20 all-time favourite party foods

Nothing says a party better than a mouth-watering batch of cupcakes. Not only do they taste heavenly, they look adorable and you can decorate them to match the theme of your party. Edible decorations, what could be better? And because you can never have too many cupcake recipes …

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