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20 freeze-ahead meals to get ahead in the kitchen

20 freeze-ahead meals

Freezing meals is just smart mummy behaviour. Maybe you’re going away and want to feed the troops while you’re gone. Perhaps you’re renovating your kitchen and will only have a microwave for the next two weeks. Maybe you’re about to have a baby and know that you’ll barely have time to scratch yourself for the next two years six weeks. Or maybe you just want something on hand for those days that are just … one of those days. Whatever the reason, we’ve got the recipe. In fact, we’ve got 20 of ‘em.

Slow cooker standbys


Slow cookers are a great way to get ahead if you need to stockpile meals for whatever reason. Quickly throw the ingredients together in the morning, arrive home to a finished meal, then you can still make another meal that evening! You Wonderwoman, you!

1. Creamy chicken casserole

A delicious dish full of tasty button mushrooms and a rich creamy sauce that is even more magical at its second coming.

2. Slow cooker Irish stew

Oh, those Irish know their stews. Thick chunky pieces of meat and veggies make this a hearty winter meal, the flavours of which only intensify after being frozen and reheated.

3. Slow-cooked beef

Don’t let the simple title fool ya – complete with bacon, mushies, taties and a good glug of red wine, this is tasty with a capital T.

4. Slow-cooked chicken drumsticks in BBQ sauce

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t love a chicken drumstick. And when they’re lovingly slow-cooked in a delicious Texan-style BBQ sauce? Well, won’t you be popular?

5. Lamb and sweet potato slow cooker casserole

Lamb chops and mouth-watering chunks of sweet potato. Bubble away for hours until perfection is achieved. Freeze then reheat to improve on perfection.


 Curried up


Life is that little bit rosier when you’re secure in the knowledge that there’s a curry nestling in your freezer, just waiting for the call. Curry in a hurry? You’d better believe it!

6. Yummy curried sausages

You know you’re onto a winner when you cook a recipe with ‘yummy’ in the title. These curried snags live up to the hype, my friends.

7. Massaman curry

Now that you’re a sensible, organised creature who freezes all your meals in advance, you need never call out for Thai takeaway again, because you can reheat this little baby much faster.

8. Easy lamb curry

A simple and versatile dish using your favourite curry paste and whatever veggies you have on hand. Too easy! (Hence the name …)

9. Beef and pumpkin curry

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut of using the same old veggies every time you make curry. Delicious pumpkin makes a welcome change.

See here for the Beef and pumpkin curry recipe.

10. Thai green chicken curry

A flavour-bursting chicken curry with a creamy coconut milk base.


Pasta bake-aheads


A pasta bake manages to elevate a simple pasta dish into a family celebration. And better yet, a family celebration that you’ve prepared earlier? Now that’s genius …

11. Cheesy three veg pasta bake

Cheesy = yum. Three veg = healthy. Pasta bake = kids will scoff it down. Winning!

12. Chicken and cheese pasta bake

The use of a barbecue chook means this is a snap to make and the cheesy tomato sauce will be a hit with the young’uns.

13. Bacon and tomato pasta bake

Not only is this a yummy, hearty meal that will please even the fussiest eater, it’s one of the most economical dishes around.

14. Creamy zucchini pasta bake

Plenty of penne, heaps of zucchinim, bangin’ bake that is perfect for a Meat-free Monday!

15. Salmon macaroni bake

These are the ingredients that you’re more than likely to have on hand and they will provide you with this quick, easy, el cheapo family meal that’s perfect for freezing.

See here for the Salmon macaroni bake recipe.


Freezer filler family favourites

freeze-ahead recipes

They’re those tried and true favourite recipes that you crank out at regular intervals because you know they’ll always get a rousing reception. So keep a stash in the freezer for those nights when you just don’t want to have to think about a single solitary thing.

16. Simple beef stroganoff

Stroganoff. It’s Russian for ‘yummy hearty family meal that freezes up a treat’, ya?

17. Chilli con carne

Whether you pronounce it chilli con ‘carn’, ‘carnée’ or ‘carnay’, one thing’s for sure, making your chilli chilly in the freezer sure carn improve the taste. Sorry, that was bad, wasn’t it?

18. Lasagne

Ahh, lasagne. Divine to eat but daunting to take on after a full day’s work. But you, clever one, froze ahead and now just need to bung it in the oven …

19. Chicken cacciatore

Cacciatore. It’s Italian for ‘yummy hearty family meal that…’ oh bugger, I already used that one.

20. Spaghetti bolognese

Let’s face it, you can never have enough spaghetti bolognese in your house. Your only challenge is getting it into the freezer before somebody (or several bodies) wolf down the lot.