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15 of the best pumpkin recipes for when you can’t face making more soup

Best pumpkin recipes

Pumpkin. Could any other vegetable be so versatile, so greatly enjoyed by children, so …cheap? Thank you pumpkin. Thank you.


Super salads


The humble pumpkin takes a simple salad and transforms it into a deliciously rounded meal. Try these colourful and nutritious salads on for size.

1. Maple bacon and pumpkin salad

This delicious and healthy salad makes a hearty meal on its own and the fusion of flavours is delectable.

2. Healthy roast pumpkin salad

Kinda like a potato salad, but with roast pumpkin instead. I know, yummo!

3. Lamb, pumpkin and chickpea salad

A delicious and nutritious meal on a warm summer’s day, put this one on high rotation during the warmer months!

See here for the Lamb, pumpkin and chickpea salad recipe.

4. Pumpkin and couscous salad

Pumpkin and couscous. Some things were just meant to be. This is a must-have salad at your next barbecue, picnic or outdoor party. Or at home. Just, anywhere.


Heavenly risottos


Pumpkins’ sweet and creamy flavourings are the perfect foil for a risotto that the whole family will relish.

5. Pumpkin risotto

Forget everything you’ve heard about risottos being challenging – this one couldn’t be simpler. Better yet, it’ll feed the family for under $10.

6. Roast pumpkin and sage risotto with blue cheese

For more adventurous kids or for a special meal for the grown-ups, the flavours in this baby are to die for.

7. Chicken and pumpkin risotto

A perfect recipe for using up leftover roast chicken or making the most of a store-bought BBQ chook.

8. Pumpkin and mozzarella risotto balls

You can simply make a delicious pumpkin and mozzarella risotto, or go one step further and create some delicious arancini, perfect for a dinner or party starter.


Perfect pasta


Pumpkin in pasta is one of the easiest ways to get those daily veggie servings into those kids.

9. Roasted pumpkin, garlic and ricotta lasagne

A delicious vegetarian offering that’s positively oozing with flavour.

10. Butternut pumpkin and goat’s cheese pasta bake

A creamy pasta bake that’s sweet and savoury all rolled into one.

11. Gnocchi with pumpkin sauce

An easy and very tasty way to serve up some store-bought gnocchi for an el cheapo veggo dinner.

12. Chicken and pumpkin pasta bake

A welcome change from your stock-standard tomato or cream based pasta bakes, and one that the family will soon be begging for more often.


Brilliant baked goodies


What’s the foolproof way of getting your kids to eat veggies? Putting them in a delicious baked good or sweet treat, that’s how! (You sneaky devil.)

13. Pumpkin, pear and ginger loaf

Give banana bread the old heave-ho and try this delicious wholemeal loaf, which you can make in just 10 minutes. Top with some delicious lemon curd, grab a cuppa and you’re in afternoon tea heaven.

14. Pumpkin and ginger beer scones

They might sound a bit kooky, but once you’ve tried them you’ll never say ‘Ginger beer? In a scone?!’ again.

15. Sneaky pumpkin muffins

These delicious cheesy muffins are perfect for school lunch boxes, afternoon tea or to pack for a picnic. They freeze well, so you can just whip them out when needed.


And yes, yes, yes. 5 pumpkin soup recipes for diehard slurping fans

Arguably one of the best-loved soups on the planet, there are plenty of ways to spice up your pumpkin soup into something souper special.

1. Red lentil and pumpkin soup

Red lentils give you a protein boost and keep you feeling fuller longer making this a great option for lunch or even dinner.

2. Slow cooker pumpkin soup

What could be more comforting on a long day out than knowing you have a steaming bowl of pumpkin soup to look forward to on your return.

3. Thai pumpkin soup

Just four little ingredients will have you producing a zingy Thai pumpkin soup worthy of any restaurant.

4. Apple, pumpkin and cheddar soup

Easy to make, loved by children and a great, healthy way to up their veggie intake.

5. Low fat pumpkin soup

All of the taste with none of the unwelcome tummy bulges. Make mine a double helping!