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20 recipes that are perfect for a picnic

On these endless sunny days and long, balmy nights, there’s nothing more fun to do with family and friends than bundle up some delicious eats in a picnic basket, grab a large blanket and find a lovely spot under a tree at your favourite park, beach or special patch of nature. Preferably away from ants. The success of your picnic has a great deal to do with what you pull out of that basket, so here are 20 brilliant food ideas that will go down a treat with everyone.

Rolls and wraps


Subs, baguettes, rolls, wraps, sambos … call ‘em what you will, they’re a picnic staple. Here’s how to elevate yours from the mundane to the munch-tastic!

1. Chicken baguette

A chicken baguette is to a picnic what fish and chips is to a trip to the beach. And this one is super tasty. So there.

2. Salami subs

Spicy salami, mayo, semi-dried tomatoes, rocket, sourdough … are you drooling yet?

3. Spicy lamb wraps

Cinnamon and all-spice give oodles of flavour to these health-packed lamb wraps – you’re only problem will be getting your mouth around them!

4. Easy tuna salad rolls

Don’t let the word ‘easy’ fool you – these tuna rolls are a gourmet and gastronomic delight and look very impressive (but yes, they are easy.)

5. Pulled beef sliders

These beef sliders taste so dang good that your biggest challenge will be getting them to the picnic before somebody (quite possibly you) scoffs the lot.

6. Picnic cobb loaf

A hollowed out cobb loaf packed with roasted vegetables, cheese and prosciutto, you can’t get more picnicky than something that’s got picnic in the title, amiright?

Baked goodies


Quiches, pies, muffins, scrolls – your oven is your secret weapon when it comes to having no leftovers at your next picnic.

7. Pizza pinwheels

Who doesn’t like pizza at any time of day? Pull apart these delicious pinwheels and watch the kids dive on them like a flock of seagulls after a thrown chip.

8. Mini bacon and egg pies

It’s a struggle for me to keep typing this and not bolt to the kitchen to whip up a batch of these babies right now. And I’m not even going on a picnic.

9. Savoury muffins

If you struggle to get your kids to eat veggies, bung ‘em in a delicious baked treat like these savoury muffins and watch them scoff them down without question.

10. Pumpkin spinach and feta rolls

Kids love sausage rolls, and these are a delicious vegetarian alternative that they may find are just as irresistible.

11. Quiche Lorraine

As well as being brilliantly portable and not too messy to eat, quiche just rocks in general. This great recipe can easily adapt to use whichever veggies and fillings you prefer.

12. Easy zucchini slice

As far as sneaky veggies go, zucchini is right up there, with its subtle taste easy to slip into the meals of unsuspecting children. This yummy slice is no exception.

Fabulous finger food


The thing with a picnic, and correct me if I’m wrong, is the joy of constantly picking away at all the food around you. And when the delicacies on offer are this good, how can you possibly stop?

13. Spinach cobb dip

Those cobb loaves … just made for picnics, they are! This one features a hollowed out loaf that’s filled with a scrum-diddly-umptious dip, which is eaten with the chunks of bread pulled out of the loaf. Genius, folks, pure genius.

14. Honey soy chicken

Gnawing on a chicken leg – it’s pretty much a picnic rite of passage, non? And when the legs in question are coated in this delicious honey soy marinade, well, you may just find yourself gnawing on several of them.

15. Cucumber and smoked salmon roll-ups

Light, healthy, fresh, tasty, easy. I’m sorry, was there a box we haven’t ticked for you?

16. Greek meatballs

These delicious beef meatballs, known as Keftedes in the Greek world – are packed with fresh herbs like oregano and mint and delicious with a garlic dip, Greek yoghurt or tzatziki. Note: you will reek of garlic after eating these. Don’t plan a hot date for later.

Sweet treats


I know. After all that savoury munching, you really shouldn’t. But go on. We won’t tell.

17. Apple tea cake

So divinely perfect and wholesome, this would be right at home in an Enid Blyton novel.

18. Banana damper

A delicious, moist twist on the original and a great way to use up over-ripe bananas. (Have you ever tried to say ‘moist twist’ really quickly? It’s quite tricky.)

19. Choc-chip scones

Best hide these puppies at the bottom of the picnic basket, or you’ll have no chance of getting the kids to eat their zucchini slice first, delicious or not …

20. Quick chocolate cupcakes

Let’s face it, there’s no point worrying about your calorie intake now. Besides, these are ‘quick’ chocolate cupcakes, which makes the calories metabolise faster. Surely.