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30 top lunch box treats

30 top lunch box treats

My go-to lunch box treat is a slice of homemade banana bread, mainly because you can bet your life that by the end of the week there will be two or three manky bananas begging to be used up somehow. Sometimes I branch out and make these banana pancakes or banana biscuits instead but I get it, I really do, when the kids ask if I can please stop the banana-fest for a week or two. They could, of course,just eat the darn bananas in the first place but that’s another story …

Here are 30 of the best tried-and-tested snacky bites that I turn to instead. From slices to scones, from muesli bars to muffins; there’s something for even the fussiest eater. And the best bit? Lunch boxes always come back empty!



Cereal bars

1. Nut-free muesli bar

Apricots, raisins, seeds but NO NUTS! This is one muesli bar recipe that you can pop in their lunch boxes without a worry.

2. 2-ingredient muesli bar

Just two ingredients? Why yes! Amazing how much so very little can make.

3. Oat and apricot bars

Combine oats (a slow release carb that will keep energy levels up) with dried apricots (full of iron) and you, my friend, have a lunch box winner.

4. Homemade LCM bars

So I may be pushing the cereal bar description just a teensy bit here but, hey, they’ve got rice puffs in them and there are plenty of cereal bars on supermarket shelves boasting the same!

5. Easy muesli bars

I had you at ‘easy’, didn’t I? This recipe’s the one to grab when you’re having a ‘there’s nothing to put in their lunch boxes’ moment.

6. Fruit and honey lunch box bars

Juicy fruit and sweet honey give these more-ish treats a deliciously moist bite.




7. Anzac slice

Oats, golden syrup and coconut … this is the oh-so-chewy slice version of our favourite bickies and oh-so-good for lunch boxes.

  • Click here to find the recipe for this yum Anzac slice.

8. Weet-Bix slice

An oldie but a goodie and the perfect way to use up the Weet-Bix crumbs that gather at the bottom of the cereal packet. This version’s got a sweet icing as a topping, too.

 9. Nutella crumble slice

Oh my, Nutella in any form is ace but this? This crumble concoction is a whole new flavour sensation.

10. Marshmallow bubble slice

How easy is this? Melt some marshmallows, fold in some rice puffs et voila, your lunch box treat is sorted.

11. Wholemeal pear slice

This one will have you polishing your halo. The goodness of wholemeal flour with juicy pear makes a delectable addition to any boring old lunch box.

12. Sugar and spice slice

Cinnamon and nutmeg are the stars of this easy slice. Perfect if your cupboard is almost (but not quite) bare.




13. Choc-chip scones

There’s something comforting about a batch of scones. These are just like Granny used to make but even better thanks to the addition of some cheeky choc.

14. Gluten-free scones

Little ones with an intolerance to gluten shouldn’t miss out on all the lunch box fun. These gluten-free scones will make sure they don’t.

15. Easy pumpkin scones

Sneak some veggies in to their diet with these scrummy pumpkin scones. Perfect with a slice of cheese and perfect for the beginning of the week if you’ve got some leftover roast pumpkin from Sunday lunch.

16. Cheese and zucchini scones

If your kids are bored with the same old sambos, try these savoury scones instead. A slice of cheese or some fresh ham make the perfect filling.

  • Make a batch of these delicious scones with this recipe.

17. Mini scones

Little hands and little tummies will love these mini scones which are the perfect size to hold and munch.

18. Sultana scones

Light, fluffy and studded with juicy sultanas. Yum!



Sweet muffins

19. Strawberry and ricotta muffins

These pretty-as-a-picture fruity muffins taste as good as they look. Berry good, in fact.

20. Blueberry muffins recipe

Keep some frozen blueberries on hand in the freezer and you’ll always have some ready to make these lunch box lovelies.

  • Click here to find the recipe for these Blueberry muffins.

21. Apple and zucchini muffins

Adding grated zucchini to these little bites of yum mean the kidlets eat veggies without knowing it (yay!) andyou get a super moist muffin to boot (double yay!).

22. High-fibre mini choc-chip muffins

There’s something about a mini muffin that’s so darn cute, you just can’t help popping one or two (or indeed, three) in your mouth. These have the added bonus of being high fibre and having choc chips. What’s not to love?

23. Oat, date and honey muffins

These muffins boast a trifecta of goodness and yum. Oats keep blood sugar levels steady, dates are full of fibre … and honey? Well, honey just tastes divine.

24. Carrot cake muffins

Another way to get more veggies into reluctant eaters, these muffins take all the best bits of your regular carrot cake and turn them into perfectly portioned lunch box bites. There’s even a cream cheese icing if you’re feeling a bit fancy.



Savoury muffins

25. Savoury lunch muffins

Ham, mushrooms, capsicum and cheese? These are a veritable lunch in themselves, all wrapped up in muffin form.

26. Feta and spinach muffins

These are a party staple at our place (they go down a treat with a G&T) but I always make a double batch as the kids like them, too. The saltiness of the feta is what gets them, I think. Plus, I add spinach to everything so these win on that front too.

27. Sneaky pumpkin muffins

Pumpkin adds a beautiful sweet flavour to these ostensibly savoury muffins and, might I be so bold as to suggest, that they go wonderfully with a slice of tasty cheese?

  • Click here to find the recipe for these Sneaky pumpkin muffins.

28. Cheesy bacon and corn muffins

Cheese + bacon + corn = the perfect savoury muffin in my book. My kids agree.

29. Mini baked bean muffins

I don’t know a kid who doesn’t like baked beans so turning them into muffins is a genius idea. A fibre and protein hit? Excellent stuff.

  • Make these Mini baked bean muffins with this recipe.

30. Pesto and parmesan muffins

My youngest adores pesto so these are always a great hit. They’re pretty nice for adults too.

  • Find the recipe for Pesto and parmesan muffins here.