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Prawn and avocado stacks recipe

A perfect marriage of prawns, avocado and tabouli make this stack impressive. Find more on Kidspot, New Zealand's recipe finder



  • 1 large tub of ready-made tabouli
  • 2 large avocadoes
  • 1/4 cup lemon juice
  • salt and pepper
  • 16 king prawns, peeled with tail intact and deveined
  • 100g baby rocket


Peel and dice avocadoes. Add lemon juice and salt and pepper and toss to coat.

Place a clean tin can that has had both ends removed onto your serving plate. Pour in about half a cup of tabouli and gently push down.

Add avocadoes (1/4 of the mix) and press down. Add 4 prawns into the can and very carefully lift the can off the plate.

Garnish with a little tabouli. Scatter a little rocket on the plate.


  • Try to get the tabouli without dressing and add some lemon juice and a dash of olive oil right before serving. This will stop it being soggy.
  • This is so easy but looks ultra fancy.
  • This is a great dish for when you want to impress but have little time.
  • This recipe was created by Jennifer Cheung for Kidspot, New Zealand's best recipe finder.

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