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Big Freckles recipe

Big Freckles are like the lollies you enjoyed as a kid - only these are giant-sized ones. Use them for party bags, or to top cakes and cupcakes. Find more on Kidspot New Zealand.



  • 450g milk chocolate, melted
  • 1 cup 100’s & 1000’s sprinkles


Line a flat baking sheet with baking paper and set aside.

Pour tablespoons of melted chocolate onto the baking tray and cover with 100’s and 1000’s.

Place in the refrigerator or freezer to harden.

Peel off the baking paper and keep in a cool place.


  • There a few ways you can melt chocolate. You can warm it over boiling water in a double boiler or use the microwave in 30 second bursts, stirring well in between.
  • If you have some time, you can pop your tray in the freezer before melting the chocolate.
  • These are great because you can use them  as treats, on cakes or cupcakes, or just as a treat with a coffee or milkshake.
  • I use good eating chocolate for this recipe as it has to taste great.

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