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Homemade cheese sticks or cubes recipe

Cheese is a healthy snack for babies and toddlers – and is rich in calcium too. This easy baby food recipe shows you how to make cheese cubes and sticks.



  • 1cm thick slice of cheese


No cooking required.

To make cheese sticks: Place cheese flat on a cutting board and slice into evenly-sized sticks. Cut the slice along the long edge for a longer cheese stick, or along the short edge for shorter sticks.

To make cheese cubes: First, create cheese sticks using the instructions above. Then turn the cheese sticks lengthways on the board and cut 1cm off the ends of the sticks to create 1cm cubes


  • Cheese provides a dose of dairy goodness to your child's meal.
  • Cheese sticks are a great first finger food for toddlers, helping to develop fine motor skills as they learn to pick up dip with their cheese sticks and feed themselves.
  • Cheese cubes are a handy snack in lunchboxes and as an extra item of healthy dairy in any meal throughout the day.

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