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Lego sandwich recipe

If your kid is a Lego fanatic this is one sandwich recipe that will see their lunch box empty. This is an easy way to make sandwiches munchable when the usual triangles have lost their appeal. Genius.



  • 2 slices bread cut into 4 x 7cm rectangles (crusts removed)
  • 1 slice bread cut into 6 x 1cm circles


Spread your filling of choice onto one of the rectangles and place the second on top to form a “finger”.

Using cream cheese,  glue the discs on top in 2 rows to form the Lego press studs.



  • Use a favourite filling such as tuna and cream cheese, chicken and mayo, or ham and cheese.
  • Use wholegrain breads with seeds to give an extra vitamin hit.
  • This recipe was created by Rebecca Perry for GLAD.

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