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Fun sushi balls recipe

If your kids like sushi, they’ll love opening up their lunch boxes to find these fun sushi rice balls. Filled with avocado and tuna, they’re the perfect transportable sandwich alternative for school days.

Serving Size:

Makes 8



  • 1 cup (200g) sushi rice
  • 2 tbsp sushi seasoning
  • 95g tin tuna
  • 2 tbsp mayonnaise
  • 1/2 avocado
  • 1 sheet nori


Step 1. Place rice in a saucepan with 1 1/2 cups water. Bring to the boil, reduce heat, cover with a lid and simmer for 15-20 mins until all water has been absorbed and rice is cooked. Gently stir through sushi seasoning then turn rice out onto a flat dish to cool. Combine drained tuna with mayonnaise. Remove skin from avocado and cut into a 1.5cm dice.

Step 2. With damp hands, cup approximately 1/4 cup of rice in one hand. Place some tuna and a piece of avocado in the centre.

Step 3. Top with another 1/4 cup of rice and gently bring it together into a ball shape. Press firmly to enclose.

Step 4. Using sharp scissors, cut shapes from the nori. Press onto balls to decorate.

Fun sushi balls


  • Wrap individual balls in glad wrap and store in the fridge before packing into insulated lunch boxes.
  • Vary the filling according to your child’s tastes. You could even omit the filling altogether and just make plain rice balls.
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  • This recipe was created for Kidspot, New Zealand's best recipe finder, by Greer Worsley, who blogs at Typically Red.