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Christmas bauble appetisers recipe

Kids and adults alike will love these fun Christmas bauble appetisers. With tomatoes and basil at their peak in summer, hand them around at your Christmas cocktail party or as a starter for your Christmas Day feast.

Serving Size:

Makes 18



  • 1 punnet cherry tomato
  • 75 g cherry bocconcini
  • 24 basil leaves


Slice bocconcini in half or into half-centimetre slices if larger.

Place a basil leaf and piece of bocconcini onto half a cherry tomato. Top with remaining half.

Skewer through the middle with a toothpick and serve!



  • Bocconcini is available as baby, cherry or even ‘pearl’. Choose one that’s similar in size to your cherry tomatoes.
  • Whilst delicious on their own, a pesto dipping sauce would be a lovely accompaniment.
  • Get the kids involved in making these. They’re easy and fun to put together.

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