Handwriting milestones 7-8
By Michelle Barrington |

Handwriting is an essential learning experience for children. At this age children will have begun formal handwriting lessons in classrooms.

Handwriting expectations

A child at this age will be able to print many words. They should be able to manage a task that requires some dexterity such as doing up a necklace. Children should be able to form upper and lower letter correctly. Their visual memory will have developed.

Handwriting grip

The significant skill of this age period is that children will move to the Mature Tripod Grasp. Children are explicitly taught how to hold a pencil or implement the correct grip. This will allow them to write lines, curves and letters on paper.

Handwriting skills

At this age children will begin to learn the direction and starting and finishing points for letter formations in their script. It is important that these skills are observed so that children learn correctly rather than correcting poor habits once the skill has been learnt. The letter formations will depend on the script being taught.

Other handwriting milestones

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