Protecting the fresh taste and natural goodness of milk
By Kidspot Team and Anchor | May 7, 2013
Protecting the fresh taste and natural goodness of milk


As Kiwi kids we grew up on the white stuff and now we share the love of nutritious New Zealand cow's milk with our own children. On your cereal, in a milkshake or straight from the glass, Kiwis love the dairy goodness of milk. The average New Zealander consumes around 1.8 litres per week* but are we enjoying milk at its best?

The effect of light

Did you know that light can affect the fresh taste and natural goodness of milk? The innovation team at Anchor™ identified that light ages milk, breaking down its fresh taste and natural goodness, affecting some of the nutrients and vitamins in the milk. Even low levels of light exposure can cause the taste of fresh milk to degrade.**

Milk is protected from light from the farm to the factory, but once milk is packaged then exposure to light can occur. Additionally, the damage that the light causes can't be reversed. The impact has already occurred on the supermarket shelf or at the dairy before you get your milk home to the fridge as milk in supermarkets, dairies or petrol stations can be more than two days old.

Innovation – triple layer protection

Anchor™ has pioneered a way to protect fresh cow's milk from light damage with the launch of New Zealand's only triple layer, 100% LIGHT PROOF™ bottle. This innovation is designed to deliver Kiwis the best tasting milk by locking in the taste and goodness nature intended.

Key to the innovation is the inclusion of a black light-proof layer between outer and inner white layers. The triple layer protection keeps out the light but retains all the taste and goodness. However, the bottle remains lightweight and is still easily recyclable.

Taste Test

Anchor™ found that seven out of ten consumers preferred the taste of milk that has not been impacted by light.** It even improves the taste of your flat white with seven out of ten baristas (and consumers) preferring the taste in coffee***.

One of the greatest potential benefits of the new light-protected milk may be that, because the milk tastes better, people may drink more of it. Especially when you consider that around 60% of adults**** and 65% of kids^ in New Zealand don’t consume enough dietary calcium.


Anchor™ invites Kiwis to taste the difference! Anchor™ milk and cream is available in the new LIGHT PROOF™ bottles on shelf from 8 April 2013.


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*** Research conducted by Fast Forward with New Zealand Baristas and Cafe owners from both chain and independent cafes in October 2012.

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