As a child grows so does their need for correctly fitted glasses

As a child grows so does their need for correctly fitted glasses

When you walk into an optometrist, you will notice that both kids and adults frames are sold – this is because it is important that children’s glasses fit properly.

All children grow at different rates, so depending on the individual child, they may need to progress to adult frames faster than others.

Unlike clothes or shoes, children can’t ‘grow into’ their glasses, so it is important for them to visit their optometrist regularly to ensure their frames still fit.

Not only are facial proportions different between adults and children, but when finding the child’s prescription, the optometrist also tests the child’s pupilary distance to match to their lenses. If the child’s face grows, the measurement can change and the prescription can become unsuitable.

Specsavers has a huge range of fun designs and styles available for children so that it doesn’t have to be a daunting experience and kids can have a great time choosing their frames.

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Did you know that Kids Go Free at Specsavers?

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